Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who Are You?

A couple of years ago I posted about an online tool I liked. Through a nifty online connection this week, I dug back into it. The Personality Type Quiz is simple and smart, letting you find your Myers-Briggs type with four quick choices and then exploring the implications of your type. I'm a solid INTP, meaning that I tend to be (quite accurately):
"quiet, independent, and private; logical and unemotional; creative, ingenious, and innovative, global thinkers; curious and driven to increase their competence; casual, and adaptive; nonconforming and unpredictable."
My list of suggested careers and the advice on how to love me (it's not easy, apparently) seem pretty close, too. Googling INTP yielded all kinds of interesting things -- this INTP profile literally had me laughing out loud and shaking my head at how spot-on it was for me, like reading a psychoanalyst's report on me after five years of intensive therapy.

A lot of people make fun of these quizzes as being glorified horoscopes, but I think they're good tools to get you reflecting about who you are and how you're perceived. Last time, Heather and I found out that our Myer's-Briggs types are the exact opposite. We still manage to get along fine, and it was also interesting to note that her type is the most common one and mine is quite rare. So I'm the freak.

Anyway, I thought I'd copy Marc's idea to get some involvement here -- a bit of an assignment for you to join the fun.

Update: A running tally of willing participants so far...
  • Me: INTP, scarily accurate
  • Heather: ESFJ, bang-on
  • Tannis and Pearl: INFP, and both mother and daughter see it as a good match
  • Larry: ISFJ, which he didn't think was a good match (based on the profile in the quiz), but this sounds like a very accurate description to me
  • Anonymous Lurker: ENTJ, self-reported as "painfully accurate", and as she has now privately de-lurked, we can vouch for the "external" accuracy as well
  • Jason: ISTP, ISTJ, INTJ? We couldn't figure it out last time, and still can't -- perhaps a complex personality crossing conventional boundaries.
  • My mom: INTJ, looks like a spot-on match, capturing her creativity, competence, and a bit of her combative side
  • Esther: Feels like an ISTJ, but might look more like an ESTJ to others, maybe especially in the working world?
  • Kaili: ESFJ, which she says is "right on the nail" ...and interesting to note that her man Robin is the same, shooting big holes in the "opposites attract" theory
  • Crystal: ISTJ, which she thinks is pretty close, and her husband is solid INTJ, The Scientist -- pretty similar types.
  • Gwen: ISFP "The Artist", which rings true for her (and I agree)
  • Nicole: ENFJ, which sounds just right to her (and to anyone who knows her, I suspect)
  • Lesa: ISFJ, and sadly I don't know her well enough to comment on the accuracy...I might have thought more extroverted
  • Bill: ENFP, which suggests the exact careers he's successfully pursued, so it can't be too far off
  • Plett: After trying on ISTP, settled on INTP (same as me?!), although I thought ISTJ might fit ok too. Another cross-type sort of fella.
  • Angella: ENFJ, which she agrees with, and she may need to follow her calling to be a journalist.
  • Evan: INTJ, "The Scientist", which should make sense considering she just got her PhD after years of research.
  • Garth: ENFJ, joining a few other fun-loving extroverts on the list (he says it is spot-on).
  • Andrew: INTP, same as me, and after getting to know him over a year or two (and many a beer), it doesn't surprise me.
  • Marj: ENFP, and the profile looks very accurate, especially the good stuff.
  • Ang: ENFP, just like Marj, which I never would have thought of before...but it makes sense (three of my favourite people in the world are apparently ENFPs). But what about Steve-O?
  • Jess: INTJ, and it sounds like that's been consistent for her (she says, "INTJ, as always").
  • Lisa: INFJ, which she says has parts that are "scarily dead-on", and I thought the work part was exactly her.
  • Nada: INFP, same as Tannis, and they both think it's a pretty good match.
  • Lorne: ESFP, which I predicted accurately beforehand -- Lorne has a very strong sense of who he is and this is it.


Anonymous said...

Without going back to check what 'type' I had been previously, I re-did the quiz to see if it would change. Nope. I'm still an ESFJ. :) I really appreciate people with your personality type, mostly because it is SO different than mine - and I really respect and love that in people. Besides, as one who likes to talk, and you being a great listener (and I also think you are the king of asking thought-provoking questions that I love to answer) we are bound to get along.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading the "How to love an ESFJ" section, and I'd have to say it is bang-on.

Tannis said...

Yup, I come up INFP again.

The career is very accurate, the "how to love me" is pretty good and I really liked the "speedreading INFP's" section. I'd dress funky if I had the time and energy...honest.

Anonymous said...

Alright, so I check in as an INFP and feel it is fairly accurate. Now, the quiz does not work for Larry at all unless we tweak the results. He showed up as ISFJ which does not describe him at all. Always fun to play around with these quizzes. Pearl

Anonymous said...

Myers Briggs - ENTJ
Enneagram - One Reformer
Painfully accurate.


Tannis said...

Interesting that you show up as an "INFP" mom. Or maybe not so surprising!

Jason said...

ISNTJ... I didn't look to see what we had said in your previous post, you know, since I'm off the hook and all, but reading through and choosing I had a hard time deciding between S and N. I suppose I'd have to pick N if one was only allowed, but many of the S things are very true, especially now compared to younger days. 48% S and 52% N? I don't know.

Jeremy said...

Hey J, the last time we went through this, we figured you might be an ISTP ("The Mechanic"), at least based on the description of the type. When I read that one now, it looks like a better match than the others, but maybe more for who you were 10 years ago.

ISTJ is "The Duty Fulfiller", and while I understand how having a family orients us more toward duty, the description just doesn't sound like you. INTJ is "The Scientist", and although I see bits of you in doesn't seem quite right either. Same difficulty as last time!

Dianne said...

Looks as though I'm an INTJ. One of the suggested careers is freelance writer. I laughed and laughed when I read about "How to Deal with an INTJ." They're all perfect but the best one is "Don't repeat things. It annoys them." Exactly.

tfoxfan said...

ISTJ. I must admit though that I walk a fine line between I and E. This has always been the case. I feel paralegal, police officer and office manager are a pretty good description of my prefered job as a labour relations specialist(all in one, of course). I think the E and I are difficult to identify for me because of where I get my energy from and in turn, how I come off to others. I think most people would assume I'm an E. Those that really know me, know I'm an I. I do make decisions quickly and can be spontaneous, that's what's missing in this I description. Sure, I'm cautious although I can be risky too. Right? Haha :) An I is cautious about change and that I am not... I just analyse it for a while.

Jeremy said...

Super interesting, Esther -- you're probably one of the rare people who don't feel a strong affinity for introversion or extroversion. I can totally see how you're split on that, and I wonder whether your public persona is more extroverted, especially in a work setting. When I read the profiles for ISTJ, it doesn't quite capture how dynamic and fun you are -- the resistance to change doesn't fly either. ESTJ looks like a better match to me somehow. Weird thing about that one -- you'd be Tan's personality opposite! Go figure...

Kaili said...

I did this quiz a long time ago, but from a book and WAY more questions. I can't remember what I was then, but now I am a ESFJ. Pretty much RIGHT ON THE NAIL!

Can be depended on to follow things through to completion
Enjoy creating order, structure and schedules
Enjoy interacting with people
Warm-hearted and sympathetic
Tend to put others' needs above their own
Very good at giving practical care
Very cooperative, good team members
Practical and down-to-earth
Value peaceful living and security
Enjoy variety, but work well with routine tasks
Need approval from others
Receive satisfaction from giving to others
Live in the here and now - dislike theorizing about the future

I didn't really like the career ideas, but I think I'd rather just NOT work and have an organized home.....hmmmmm that says something in it self. haha! The how to love me part was bang on the money!

Now I want Robin to take it...interesting.

Kaili said...

p.s. cool idea Jeremy, I like checking in to see what people "are"!

Jeremy said...

Cool, Kaili. Interestingly enough, you're my opposite, just like Heather (an old friend from MB). Many of those traits are ones I admire, but don't share at all. I'd just as soon not work, either. Do get Robin to try it if he has a few minutes -- I'd be curious about his as well.

Crystal said...

I was waffling on the feeler vs thinker question, but now I'm pretty sure I'm a ISFJ. It doesn't feel like it's bang-on, but it's pretty darn close.

My husband is a INTJ all the way -- does that make us incompatible? :>

Jeremy said...

Crystal, my old work pal! You still lurking on this 'ol blog? Welcome.

The compatibility thing is really interesting to me. I don't think that two people with the same exact personality would necessarily make a great couple, but who knows? You "The Nurturer", and Chris "The Scientist". Sounds pretty accurate, and should be a good mix if you're comfortable with those roles.

Nikki and Shane said...

Done and done. Posted on our blog. ENFJ - apparently still - though I don't feel AS connected to it as I once did.

Crystal said...

OK, I take it back. I'm definitely more of a ISTJ type. I would rather work/live in a way where I didn't have to interact with (or help) a lot of people, so that pretty much leaves me out of the "feeler" category. Maybe Chris and I have more in common than I thought.

Little did you know I read your blog all the time. :>

Jeremy said...

No, I didn't know, Crystal. How would I when nobody ever leaves comments?
: )

Takebacks are all good in this little activity, I think. ISTJ looks pretty good for the old you I knew.

Bill Baker said...

Bill - ENFP.... career choices, graphic design, ad agency work. Hm. It all sounds pretty plausible. Good fun for a sick Wednesday morning!

Anonymous said...

Fine, I'll participate in your dalliance. But I'm billing you for my time!

"People of this type tend to be: logical, pragmatic, and matter of fact; quiet, unassuming, and autonomous; realistic, pragmatic, and aloof; impulsive and curious about the physical world; flexible and resourceful; objective and unemotional.

The most important thing to ISTPs is the freedom to act independently and follow their impulses."

First statement is pretty accurate, but "freedom to act independently and follow their impulses"? Doesn't sound like me, at least to me. I think I'm way more go-with-the-flow than that.

Maybe it's because I'm 50-50 with the Sensor/Intuitive option. I'm pragmatic and a bit freakish when it comes to remembering details and facts, but I also work in bursts of energy, trust my gut and am always think of future implications. Pretty much an even split there, and the only category where I (barely) matched my wife.

Anonymous said...

Now switching my 50-50 selection, I become an INTP:

"People of this type tend to be: quiet, independent, and private; logical and unemotional; creative, ingenious, and innovative, global thinkers; curious and driven to increase their competence; casual, and adaptive; nonconforming and unpredictable.

The most important thing to INTPs is their privacy and the opportunity to solve complex problems in unique ways."

This is probably a closer desription than ISTP - I sure do love my privacy, and adaptive gets to the go-with-the-flow mentality I usually have.

Anonymous said...

I had done the quiz for Ryan on my own, and also came up with ISTP. I think his personal analysis is close, but I think he is definately a person who needs "freedom to act independently". I read the following about him, and I was in awe at how accurate it was. It actually gave me A LOT of insight:
Interestingly, this article mentions often that ISTP's tend not to make long-term commitments, but I would say that Ryan takes all commitments very seriously - otherwise, ISTP sums him up almost perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Okay, after reading this page about INTP's, I think Ryan is right - definately an INTP.

Jeremy said...

Yup, I'd agree with that switch for you Plett -- INTP does look to be a better match, although I think you're more detail oriented and methodical than the average INTP. Of course, this means that you and I are the same type, which is interesting...and that you and Heather are opposite types, which is hilarious proof that opposites really do attract.

That said, I think you may be somewhat split between the J/P axis, which might indicate an ISTJ type...that would have you sharing two with Heather, at least...and the profile seems to fit reasonably well.

Angella said...

This was hard! BOTH sides of extrovert/introvert applied, as did a few of the others.

I'm an ENFJ. No accountant on the career list, but writer/journalist is. Maybe there's hope for me yet!


Kaili said...

Robin never reads any blogs, but I asked him to take this so I could see what he is, and we're the same! Very weird.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for playing, Angella. Maybe you're an extrovert people who thinks that deep down inside they're really introverted. But without knowing you well, I'm guessing that everyone who knows you would say you were an extrovert. Anyway, it sounds like a type I've always been secretly jealous of -- warm, loyal, structured, perfect people skills, creative -- it's got most of the best positive descriptors.

Jeremy said...

Kaili, you and Robin the identical type? Interesting...I'm guessing that wouldn't be too common. You do seem like a ridiculously great couple , but the exact same? That's pretty neat. Did the profiles for ESFJ ring true for him?

ev said...

Pretty solid on the INTJ. Although I have some P leanings on occasion. And I have taken some of the other inventories, and they always match right on. I thought the "parenting an INTJ" was right on for just how to live with me...

Andrew V said...

INTP for me... not sure if 'adaptive' or 'unpredictable' are adjectives that I would put on myself, but an interesting exercise nonetheless.

Garth said...

ENFJ - nails me. I actually use SpeedReading People as a class text for my Interpersonal Processes class I teach and the majority of my students love doing the exercise. Some students are bothered by being put in a box but after reflecting on the fact that there are variations for each letter (eg. some extraverts are super-intense whereas others not so much but still not introverts) most get it. What I also find interesting is that generally speaking in a class of 30 - all personality types are represented. Students in the same grouping tend to look at one another and go - oh that's why I like you! Ha!

Jeremy said...

Interesting that we share that type, Andrew...and adaptable also jumped out as being a less-great match for me, although I may be somewhat unpredictable (or maybe just random). I wish I was more adaptable, but alas, I cannot claim to be. This profile had me nodding along and laughing out loud at how it sliced and diced me -- not sure if you checked it out already.

Marj said...

I'm an ENFP, pretty much the opposite of your mom, my busines partner, on this one. No wonder we work together so well!

Jeremy said...

Marj! You and Mom are definitely different personality types, but you've proven that you're complementary...helps that you love each other too, I'm sure. Your ENFP profile looks spot-on to me.

Marj said...

Yup. I figure that's pretty acurate. And there's lots of reasons in there why I drive your mother nuts sometimes! Details, shmetails!Booooorrrrringggg! Haha. And so lucky to have work that works for me! But who's going to get my taxes done??? ugh.

Ang said...

Same as Marj-enfp. Maybe Dianne would be my bosom friend too. But I do tend to repeat myself, a lot.

Jeremy said...

Oh, you're too funny, Marj. I suppose her detail-orientation and stick-to-it-ness could drive you crazy too...except that us random creative types love it when responsible people finish the things we start and quickly lose interest in.

Every year around this time, it sinks in that everyone I know has been talking about doing their taxes for the past month...and then it suddenly sinks in that the same thing really should apply to me as well. Ugh is right.

Jeremy said...

Ang, I think we can chalk up your supposed repetitiveness to a life stage thing, at least if my experience is the same. Add sleep deprivation to a scattered, crazy life with young kids, and you get a memory shot full of holes. Hence the repeating of ourselves. I can only imagine how many times I've irritated my poor mother this way in the past few years.

Add sleep deprivation to a scattered, crazy life with young kids, and you get a memory shot full of holes.

Andrew V said...

yeah, that profile is quite perceptive! "INTPs enjoy hearing music that they heard and enjoyed when younger (provided they can still appreciate it now) and yearn for the sense of nostalgia that it yields"... indeed.

Jess said...

INTJ, as always....

Jeremy said...

Hey there, delurking old friend. Always "The Scientist", eh? Sounds right to me...same as my mom, and if I remember right, you're fantastic in similar ways.

Lisa said...

I'm an INFJ. I've taken the Myers-Briggs test a few times and it's generally the same. Apparently the "most rare" of all the types, coming in at 1% of the population or fewer. I always have to be the oddball.

Some of the INFJ points are scarily dead-on, like "we may see some signs of disarray in an otherwise orderly tendency, such as a consistently messy desk." Hah! That's me, all right. It makes for interesting reading.

- Lisa

Jeremy said...

Must be rare, Lisa -- the only one on this list. It looks like a great match, especially work-wise.

Nada said...

I remember doing this quiz while a student at Brock University (1991-94) and had the same results this time: INFP. What has changed is that now I wish I were more like an ISTP. Lorne has emerged as an ESFP with no surprise. He also wanted to be more of a thinker but alas we are left to appreciate that trait in others.

Jeremy said...

Hey, thanks for playing along Nada. I was curious about yours, and when Lorne and I were talking about this the other day, I predicted that you were probably an I was close. Both profiles actually sound pretty good for you. Yours is the same as Tannis, and she also saw you in the profile.

Andrew and I are the same type (INTP), and it is not an easy personality to deal with socially -- hard to get to know. We were saying how lucky we both were to have a trusty and social ESFP (I predicted that as Lorne's type, without great difficulty) to connect us.