Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In With the New new bike. I love it. The old one found a good home this afternoon as Jason's birthday present (happy birthday!) from Karen, and he promptly took it on one of my favourite old trails, the Race Classic above Flamingo Flats in Crawford. Sounds like it will work well for him. But anyway, this new Kona rocks -- it's pretty much brand new and feels very comfortable. Need to get out and ride it right now, so no time to type.

Update: I got so stoked about this thing that I pretty much expected it to pedal itself up the mountain. It doesn't feel way lighter than the ol' Stinky, but it's stiffer and feels easier to whip around. The fork is tough and progressive -- plush on small bumps through the first inch of travel, but ramps up to super stiff for bigger hits. The rear shock is set up stiffer too, which is not as plush for mid-level bumps, but feels a lot more efficient when pedaling. The brakes are very good, maybe not quite as powerful as the 8-inch rotors I had before, and the drive-train worked flawlessly. All in all, very promising.

Not related, but as soon as I got back from the first ride, Myron and Tracey showed up with fish 'n chips for a mid-week Hump Day celebration. Great laughs and conversation, some nice beverages, and the kids mostly didn't tear each other apart. Felt like the perfect weekend get-together, which made this morning a bit harder to take.


Lesa said...

Wow! That's a nice bike. It would have been stolen WHILE you were taking this photograph had you been in Vancouver.

Jeremy said...

ha haha...I just imagined having to use my camera to bludgeon the thief into submission.

Tannis said...

That bike was a sweet deal - very pretty and basically new. I'd have a case of raging jealousy if I hadn't gone out and bought myself one too.

Jeremy said...

Indeed. It was pretty lucky, really...I almost didn't believe what a deal it was until I saw it for real. And yes, your new precious was long, long overdue.