Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Ez

For a long time, I've added photos of Ezra's sisters to their very own set in Flickr, but it wasn't really fair that he didn't have his own equivalent. Maybe not one of the world's most heinous wrongs, but nevertheless, this wrong has now been righted. Mostly for his grandmothers, of course.

They may also appreciate this little medley of video clips of The Ez, although these things really aren't for everyone. At the 20 second point, the video inexplicably goes into slow-mo, complete with Ella taking on a deep baritone as she says, "I....l o v e.....E z r a". It might seem creepy, but I think it's the best. No idea how the slick fade-in happened either.

Update: Reading this a couple of days later, I'm seeing that I've done our family's history a grave disservice by not noting how difficult these last few weeks with Ezra have been. We love the guy, of course, and I think we're doing a fine job with him overall...but this is not an enjoyable stage. He's managed to fill his waking hours (which greatly outnumber sleeping hours) mostly with screaming, crying, complaining and trying to maim himself. Refusing to eat, getting up way too early (and then wanting to nap at 7:30am), needing to be carried constantly, not doing anything independently (even though he can)...etc, etc. It just sucks. He's a baby, so of course none of it is his fault, and he obviously has some discomfort for whatever reason, but the whole package has us feeling seriously frayed.

He also crawled his first tentative steps today, but the joy of the milestone was somewhat lost in our fatigue and frustration. I just wanted to remember a bit of the other side, the part that doesn't show up in the gorgeous photos and cutesy videos. If we didn't know it would get easier and more fun, it would be fully depressing.


Ang said...

He's massive and this made me giggle

Jeremy said...

Hey, you're not a grandmother! Glad you enjoyed it too, though.
: )

Pearl said...

Ohhh, what a cutie! we loved the video (and all the pictures recently posted of the kids). THANK YOU. Larry & Pearl

Dianne said...

And thank you from the other grandma too. I can never take this huge silly grin off my face when I'm watching these.

Kaili said...

Ezra always looks handsome in every picture that is on here, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that one of him in the wagon the best! So cool!

Is he blogging in the video at the end? Start 'em young!

Jeremy said...

You're welcome, Grandmas (and Grandpas). Glad you enjoyed them.

Thanks, Kaili. I'm pretty fond of that photo of those that we'll probably always think of as being representative of this stage. And yes, of course he's blogging there -- gotta have a keyboard on hand at all times!

tfoxfan said...

Finch was so focused when she was watching the video of Ez. When it was over, she went back to her busyness. I took a picture because it was so cute.

Appreciate the honest 'update'.

Jeremy said...

Isn't that funny when something like a video suddenly totally catches their attention. Usually they're so flighty. Ezra will occasionally fixate on a photo or video for a few seconds and you can just see the gears turning.

It was your last excellent post that got me revisiting (and updating honestly) that post. So thank you. It's so natural to preserve the good moments, but they don't reflect the current reality for us very well.
: )

Nikki and Shane said...

I'm in love with his sounds. Such a great video and Ella is rockin' with that baritone :)

Jeremy said...

A "great" video might be pushing it.
: )

But yes, the sounds are super cute. I hope we remember the good stuff and the bad stuff 10 years from now.