Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Art Department

I've still been adding bits of our family-folk art to the appropriate flickr set as it emerges. I loved Ivy's "Will-o-the-Wisp" here, and Ella's drawing of our dining room with flowers. Actually Ella's portrait of a giant was even more awesome, complete with labeled body parts, and she busted out this triptych too. Ivy filled my home-office whiteboard with this very colourful meadowlark, and last week offered me some work advice.

Tannis has been on creative hiatus, and my participation has been limited to a lonely sketch and some recent artsy photos: inside ice, jellybeans, woodland stars, old and new, a cluster of shooting stars, and a neat bit of some very twisty singletrack.


Lesa said...

That is probably the best made use of a whiteboard in the history of whiteboards.

Jeremy said...

No doubt, eh? I should make a poster of it, print a gazillion copies, and sent them to every corporate workplace in the world.