Saturday, April 05, 2008

Filmy Update

Super Mom! I got another roll of film developed this weekend and added a few to my latest set. Aside from cursing London Drugs today (charged me more than they said for incredibly bad scanning from negatives), the film experiment has been so much fun. The counterintuitive downside is that it makes me want a kick-ass dSLR all the more. Why? Because I want the same quality without the hassle -- I'm remembering more about why I was frustrated with film years ago.

Anyway, this entire roll was basically pictures of the kids, with a few grown-ups included by accident. Usually I make some attempt to sprinkle in other subjects, but all pretenses were apparently dropped for this set. The highlights:
  • We took the girls down to Powell Beach twice in the past few weeks to ride their bikes down by the lake. The park is closed, so they can use the road or the paths, which is very handy and fun. At some point they dump the bikes to swing. I thought this shot of Ivy had a real vintage postcard feel to it.
  • Pappy's old (and amazing) Minolta fish-eye lens has been getting lots of use. I may be overdoing it already. It really skews facial features close up -- check out this hilarious one of Ella on the swings. It's better suited to capturing an entire scene in an enclosed space, like our excellent Easter Feaster with my folks this year.
  • Now, not to brag or anything (oh, who am I kidding), but our kids are wicked super cute, especially all smushed together into a blue-eyed mosaic of utter beauty.

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