Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slocan Getaway

After hanging out Bill here early in the weekend (fun), and helping the Hildebrands move on Saturday (not so fun, but what do you expect from a move?), we busted out of the valley with the kids and hit Nakusp. I took a small set of photos (slideshow here) that don't really convey the vibe, but we had a great time:
  • Three kids in the backseat could be a really rough scene, but the girls were amazing. Ezra...not so much. He did sleep most of the way home, though. Nice mountainous sights along the way like the view from the ferry and waterfalls.
  • Explored the beach and rocks along their waterfront:
  • We stayed in the cutest A-frame cottage beside Nakusp Hot Springs. Ezra hadn't ever been in a pool, so he was thrilled with floating around in the warm water. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.
  • Nice breakfast in town, then we toodled over to Halcyon Hot Springs for a dip there -- very pleasant and fun.
  • Back to Nakusp for an outrageously good lunch at The Middle Earth Cafe, on a smart recommendation from our friend Barb. Even Ezra loved it.
  • Picked up Tannis's sweet new bike from the previous owner who met us in town to deliver it. I'll let her tell that story and share photos if she likes...
  • Bombed in on my folks on the way back, and Mom whipped up a feast for us. Wonderful, warm ending to a fantastic little getaway.


Andrew said...

hey Jeremy,

Where did you stay in Nakusp? We're looking for a getaway this weekend, and your photos look inviting...

Jeremy said...

Hey Andrew -- we stayed right at the Nakusp Hot Springs, which was really nice (and cheap) but unfortunately the hot springs themselves are now closed for a couple of weeks. Halcyon is reeeally nice, but more expensive and 30kms north of Nakusp.