Saturday, April 12, 2008


What could be better than the first real warm day of spring each year? Feeling thankful:
  • Mark's coming to visit
  • My folks are taking the girls out this afternoon
  • I bought a shiny new bike yesterday
  • Ezra's mood has improved immeasurably and his skin is way better again.
  • My part in the hell project I've been working on for 18 months finished yesterday.
  • Fish fry at the Hildebrands last night.
  • Old connections rediscovered on Facebook.
  • Riding Giant's Head in the sunshine with a great music mix.
  • Daffodils blooming, saskatoon leaves bursting.
  • Bonfire and camp irons at the Duecks last week.
  • Running into a mountain goat on Wildhorse Mountain

Update: I realize that blogging about the weather really lowers the bar for reader engagement, but I guess I can do what I want on my own blog. Anyway, a week after those balmy low-20s temps, the forecast looks gross for this weekend. It's literally been 9-10 degrees since early February, but we keep getting these freaky five-minute snowstorms out of the blue...and then the snow disappears immediately.


Angelo said...

New bike, eh? Methinks a Merritt trip is in order.

Jason said...

Was there something wrong with the old bike? And where are the pictures?

Jeremy said...

Nothing wrong with the old Stinky; it's just got four full seasons of use on it and it's starting to show its age -- I'd have to start spending money on it fairly soon to keep using it (new drivetrain, fork upgrade), and I'd rather not. So it'll be sold as quickly as possible to make room for the new steed.

Ah yes, the new steed. Not sure if this link still works, but I bought it off eBay from a guy I've been in contact with for a while (almost bought a sweet Santa Cruz from him for twice as much money). It's a nearly new 2007 Kona Coiler with some very nice upgrades, actually a lot like my current bike, but 6-7 pounds lighter, some better components, and a way, way better fork (close to $1000 to buy new).

I had always whether I should have bought a Coiler instead of the Stinky, but the Coiler was a bit weak that year. This one looks pretty sweet, and I think I got it for a song -- with the upgrades I would think it would be close to $3000 new.

And yes, a Merritt trip is long overdue. Although it sounds a bit far off, what about May 10 or 17th?

Anonymous said...

Thankfulness is good - we've been feeling much the same over here.

Jeremy said...

It's a good time of year for it, isn't it? Leaving behind the doldrums of winter...

Andrew said...

Interesting you blogged on this, given our chat last night!

Jeremy said...

Indeed! It is a favourite topic of mine...a recipe for success, methinks. I was also going to add another thankful sentence to this post when I got home last night: "Friends who call me up to go for beers on Saturday night."

Vicki said...

Isn't spring...(especially with friends and family) just fabulous?

Jeremy said...

It sure is. You seem like a thankful type too, Vicki. It's a great trait, no question.