Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother to my Children

I know it's not Wives' Day, but I joined the kids in celebrating their beautiful mom today. Ivy made an amazing pop-up book at school for her, Ella made a card, and I chipped in with some Silk Scarf Chardonnay. The best present she got this year was for her mom to be here, and Pearl has been an amazing house-guest this week -- she even offered to watch the kids while we went mountain biking together again. Oh, and since the baby didn't make it into the photo of Tannis checking out her mother's day loot, here are a couple of her with Ezra too. These kids are so lucky to have such an incredible mom.

Update: Tannis's reflections on her day...

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Tannis said...

It was a fantastic gift and surprise to have my mom out for mother's day, thank you!