Sunday, May 18, 2008

On a Break

I'm taking a break from my mountain bike today after riding five times this week. It's been social too, riding with Tannis a couple more times (thanks to Pearl for watching the kids), heading out with Richard twice during the week, hosting Darryl Loewen for lunch and a ride on Friday, then Jason and his friend Jordan yesterday. It was bloody hot the last two days and we celebrated summer by jumping in the ice-cold lake and hanging out at the beach afterwards. The Duecks and Hildebrands joined us yesterday too -- good times.

Thanks to J lugging his camera up in a pack, we got some great photos of yesterday's ride at least:
  • I liked the motion blur of the one I posted above, but this one of Jason carving a turn above the lake shows the scene a little better.
  • Unrelated to biking, but J got this cute shot of Ezra joining us for post-ride cold ones
  • I was mocked for setting up this shot of my personal bike history, but I thought it was pretty neat. Jordan was riding the old green FSR (1999-2004), J was riding the orange Stinky (2004-2008) and my new Coiler (2008-?) completed the trio. Now if only I hadn't given away my old Norco (1996-1999)!
  • Tannis on her new bike.
  • Tannis and I having a snack above Garnett Valley.

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