Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Notes

Stream of consciousness, because I have time for a change:
  • Mexican lasagna last night with cherry/nectarine crisp (getting to the end of the frozen local fruit) for dessert. The Hildebrands joined us, and then dads and daughters hit the pool, where both Hiebert girls jumped off the diving board for the first time (w/life jackets).
  • Bought this and would like to pick up this and this.
  • Found the last jar of homemade salsa lurking in the back of the pantry; like finding a ten-dollar bill in the pocket of your winter jacket when you pull it out of storage in fall.
  • I need to renew my passport.
  • Would like to see NIN in Winnipeg this summer.
  • Been riding around in the trunk this week because we didn't get a minivan.
  • We paid a guy good money to dump a pile of crap on our lawn. Speaking of the lawn, dandelions currently outnumber blades of grass. I enjoy mowing grass more now than I did when I was 14 and we had a five-acre yard.
  • Slurpee season is in full swing. Diabetes season may follow.
  • Taxes = not awesome. Tax returns = awesome.
  • Walked to the Cellar Door Bistro for lunch with Tannis, Pearl and Ezra...yum.
  • Little cherries and saskatoons are emerging from their blossoms.
  • Declared war on the mole that was tunneling through our garden beds -- lost the first two battles, then won on the third offensive -- but felt kind of bad about it in the end.


Nikki and Shane said...

It was a camera purchasing weekend! We got the Canon S5 you recommended. Though I would have loved to have a dSLR Shane is not up to learning how to use one quite yet, but still wants to have the chance to take pics so we opted for that one. I'm loving it so far! Thanks for all the info. It made me feel way more confident going in to make a purchase.

Jeremy said...

Oh good, glad to help. I hope you love it. Don't give up if it frustrates you in the first couple of weeks. I'm in that phase with my new camera right now...frustrated that the old one took better photos because I had learned to use it properly. Of course I can use both, which is nice, but I really need to climb the steep learning curve in a hurry.

Jason said...

I like how you laughed when I said there was a huge learning curve even going from the D40 to the D300. The differences are huge. It's worth it in the end. Even if you don't really notice the difference at first, other people can... at least that's the case with me. I'm always so critical of every photo I take.

I'm going to buy Karen a D60 one of these days. She's been complaining that she can't take nice pictures with the A530 - we'll see how long it takes her to learn a dSLR.

Jeremy said...

I don't think I laughed...I just thought that it would be a much bigger leap from any point 'n shoot to any dSLR than from a dSLR to another dSLR.

It's the lens that makes the greatest impact on what photos look like (and what you can capture in any given moment), and the S2 had a way better lens than my new kit lens...a 36-432mm F2.7-F3.5 with image stabilization and macro. Can you imagine how much a dSLR lens with those specs would cost if it existed?

I won't really love my new camera until it gives me something I didn't have before. Yes, low-light performance is better, but the larger aperatures and IS on the S2 pretty much made up for that. The only thing that will tip the scales will be great lenses, which are sadly horribly expensive.