Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Heat is On

Summer kicked in full-on this week, which is pretty typical timing -- June is often cooler and cloudier, and then at some point within a week of Canada Day, the switch gets flipped and summer arrives. I liked the mellow June weather for riding and gardening, but I love the heat too -- we were already at the beach this morning to eat breakfast and lounge by the water before it got busy.

This afternoon most of us were back to Sunoka to swim and hang out with the Duecks, and then we all convened up at their place for a feast. Reeeeally felt like summer; still 29 degrees at 11:23pm as I type this.

We had a great weekend with Bill and Sam, hosting a party of 19 on Friday and enjoying a warm summer evening with great people. Nine of the attendees were kids under seven, and they happily ran around the yard until way past their bedtimes. The rest of the visit was mostly spent hanging around the yard too, just kicking back.

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