Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Daddy-Daughters Date

Great date this morning with the girls, on a glorious (and rare) rainy day:
  • Hit the new exhibit at the Penticton Art Gallery -- very nicely done, probably the best we've seen there.
  • Explored Penticton's excellent used book store and each picked out a book -- Ivy's all over the Dragonology and Ella picked up old-favourite Scaredy Squirrel.
  • Back to Summerland for sandwiches and beverages at Victoria Rd Deli & Bistro
  • 10 pounds of perfect cherries and visiting the chickens at a nearby orchard
  • Warm chocolate-chip cookies when we arrived home, freshly baked by Tannis and Ezra


Tannis said...

You're on a blogging spree! Technically Ez didn't help with the cookies - unless you count him staying asleep as help.

Nikki and Shane said...

Sounds like a fun day. We just got our first Scaredy Squirrel for Palmer from a friend as a going away present - pretty cool little dude!

Anonymous said...

I have a dream of doing mommy-kid dates with my kids someday. Good job daddy!

Lindsay said...

Scaredy Squirrel is my favourite too. My brother's girlfriend bought a copy for Baby when I was less than four months pregnant, so we're all set :)

Kaili said...

Ez can bake cookies? Awesome!
After reading this post, I am wishing we hit up the art gallery!
Nice to run into you with your two sweeties this morning. The market was great!

Jeremy said...

My "blogging spree" has apparently ended, or at least stalled. And yes, I probably gave Ezra just a little too much credit for his baking expertise. His role was likely limited loudly demanding to eat more cookies later on.

Nicole and Lindsay (can't believe you two are becoming real-life friends; too cool), agreed that Scaredy Squirrel has a great vibe -- the other books in the series are decent too, simply following the same good formula. I'm glad to see that they're becoming popular -- definitely a step up from the usual junk (licensed titles, endless Munsch, etc...) that dominates the shelves.

Heather, I think it's a good dream, and we've had great luck with them. I always think it should be easier to just weave good quality time in to the normal flow of the day, but there's something to be said for specifically scheduling something fun and special.

Kaili, great to run into you guys last night at the beach -- much more relaxed that the chaos of the market. We ended up loading up that morning...I spent over $50, mostly on peaches for canning and freezing.