Sunday, July 13, 2008


We bombed down to Vancouver last weekend with me in an antisocial funk. Maybe hanging out downtown in the big city wasn't the best way to deal with my feeling peopled-out, but I tried not to be a big baby about it. I can't really recommend The Burrard Inn, but our rotten nights there weren't entirely the fault of the hotel. Unfortunately, our beloved rooms at The Sylvia were full. The problem really was, as it has been for me in the last few weeks, is that we were out of sync. It seemed like our timing was off, our decisions not quite right, and our "luck" just wasn't there. With five people contributing to decisions, each with his/her own idea of what might be fun, and with an almost-one-year-old really running the show, it's no wonder.

Thankfully, Angelo and Esther made it special for us, taking us out for an amazing anniversary dinner, hosting our tribe at their place one evening, and letting us hang out with dear Imogene. We hit the art gallery, the pool, and English Bay -- I didn't take many photos, but got a couple of nice ones down at the beach as the sun went down: Ezra the sea turtle and a silhouette of Ivy.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to the antisocial feeling - it's been hanging around me lately too.

Jeremy said...

Have you had company too? I love having people here, but my social thresholds are so low that I quickly turn grouchy and dysfunctional.