Friday, August 15, 2008

August and Everything After

Hot evening, crickets chirping, fire crackling in the chimenea, girls snoozing in the tent, glass of wine for Tannis, glass of beer for me, nearly full moon rising over the lake...back from Sunoka Beach where we brought fish 'n chips and met the Duecks. Bliss.

Next Day Update: Really, what could be better than hot August nights? Another one tonight -- the girls are in the tent again, and Lorne, Myron and Andrew came over to hang out on the deck and have a few beers. Myron and I even ducked down to the beach for a night swim. Our good vibe from yesterday continued into today, and we did a great little day-trip.

We took the back-road from Summerland to Princeton, an interesting route we'd never tried before with about 35kms of gravel. Met up with the Corrigans in Princeton and caught Chris's performance at the Traditional Music Festival -- very fun.

Nice lunch at a good restaurant that even had Tin Whistle Black Widow on tap, then ice cream on the way out to Bromley Rock. It might be my favourite place to swim on a hot the crystal-clear Similkameen River, with a swift current that lets you glide downstream past steep rock cliffs and an inexplicable sandy beach. Awesome. Two photos from there: me and Ivy and Ezra. Then samosas, amazing curry and fresh fruit/veggies from Sanderson's in Keremeos...and finally home. Stellar day.