Saturday, August 16, 2008

Her Royal One-Eyed Madgesty

Lots of cool people represented in the links over there on the side, and I've been meaning to collect a few pointers to recent blogging goodness.

One link I have not yet added came out of a recent Facebook connection: Her Royal One-Eyed Madgesty sits up in the branches of the venerable Reimer family tree, two generations up from my dear Great-Aunt Helen, the benevolent and hilarious matriarch. Fearless Madge is putting Marj's sweet old Nikon to incredibly good use, firing through film and developing her unique (and retro-cool) photographic style. The writing is great too -- personal without the narcissism, warmth and authenticity shining through. I don't remember being that self-aware and creative in my early 20s...oh, that would be because I wasn't.

A few other bits from friends that stood out recently:

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