Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Powell River Dreams

My favourite living artist, Meghan Hildebrand, has updated the paintings section of her site with all kinds of gorgeous goodness. When I got into her stuff, it was her unique take on the industrial environment that hooked me, somehow pulling beauty out of images that evoke urban wasteland. Many of her recent paintings seem to have a more whimsical quality, with natural landscapes and fantastical creatures and wonderful owls creeping in or defining the images. Turns out, some of her older paintings had a similar playful vibe, but I hadn't seen those until recently.

The paintings from the last couple of years still include built environments, recognizable as urban areas, but they look lived in, rich with experience, detail, depth and bits of wildness -- trees and water and birds. They're warmer, more welcoming. Many make me think of transitions; thresholds between town and country. Anyway, I'm probably overanalyzing, but it's fascinating to see an artist's progression over time.

As Steve and Ang have now moved away from Powell River, I've had to give up my fantasy of visiting them there and then dropping by Meghan's studio with a suitcase full of cash. Which reminds me...another super-cool thing on the site: a new comic called Powell River Dreams. This woman's so talented, it's not even funny.


Ang said...

Aw, her art makes me miss that little treasure town.

Jeremy said...

Have you missed it much? I think I remember you saying that you didn't think you would miss it terribly.

Ang said...

Sometimes I miss it. It's completely eclectic. It's like there's one of everyone there. I needed a break though. When you can only get out of your town a handful of times or less a year- you need a break. Peaceful, polished, prosperous Qualicum Beach. Where retirement and riches rescue rehabs from rendition. ugh, hopefully no one reads this.

Jeremy said...

I guess you'd miss bits of every place you had really engaged with. It sounded like a pretty cool little town, but yes, isolated. Maybe like Summerland in some ways...but here we've got easier escape routes. You'll have to come out and see for yourself!