Sunday, August 17, 2008


We joined a gazillion people on the beach in Penticton a couple of weeks ago to watch the Snowbirds fly. I was wrangling Ezra most of the time, but managed to get a few decent photos of the planes: leading the S.S. Sicamous into battle, curling above the paddleboat, cool formation, and impressive smoke trails. Ezra was terrified of the loud noise, but the girls were pretty into it.

Update: Who knew? My cousin Nicole is a Snowbird pilot, but never told anyone until now. I had the pleasure of hanging out with her folks on the weekend, and her dad told me this excellent story.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy, Next time the Snowbirds come to town, you'll have to go the spot where we watched them from. It was fantastic, high up on those bluffs on the east side of the lake. We watched it with our friends who live up there otherwise we would never have known to go there. We had the most amazing view of the show with no crowds! Hope to see you guys at Sunoka next Sunday. A. Lucy

Jeremy said...

We heard that was the bot spot from friends of ours. Really, it's hard to find a bad spot to view them -- the show is so big and so high that you can see it from anywhere, and they fly over you at some point wherever you are. It was also nice to let the kids swim and load up at the night market at the same time. But yes, less crowdage would have been fine by me.

Looking forward to Sunoka -- hopefully the weather gets better by then. Forecast is decent.