Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lovely Fall

The weather in the last two weeks of August is always amazing here -- hot, calm, mellow and with fewer tourists crowding everything up -- except this year. It was cooler, windy, and we had more thunderstorms than I remember since moving to the Okanagan. So far, September has been a nice turnaround, and we've been back to enjoying the beach, despite the chilly water. A few notes and newish pics:
  • Had a great visit with Bill and Sam and inexplicably took no photos. We hung out here Friday night and let the kids stay up late, hit the Beanery for breakfast and kicked around the yard most of Saturday. The Hildebrands hosted us that night, too.
  • We're careful about what Ezra eats, but it would seem cruel to deprive the guy when there are fresh-baked cookies on the counter.
  • We regularly haul in a modest pile of veggies like this from the garden in the afternoon and turn it into a nice soup, wrap filling or pasta dish. Potatoes are coming out now, and carrots aren't far behind. We've got some very pretty pumpkins too.

  • The canning effort has continued: more peaches, peach chutney, a batch of fresh salsa (frozen without cooking), a batch of cooked salsa, a couple of batches of plum jam...will have to do an inventory yet, but the freezer and pantries are getting full.
  • Many of our flowers are in decline now as the nights have cooled, but there are still lots of pretty spots on the yard.
  • I re-read The Chrysalids on the weekend -- fantastic novel, quick to read and pretty intense. Couldn't believe we had studied it in fundamentalist-Christian territory in Grade 8. Mom says she thought maybe one parent had complained the whole time she taught using it...couldn't believe more hadn't objected, but I guess most never bothered to actually read it.
  • These sisters are still wicked cute.
  • Ezra's recent milestones: being weaned and not taking a bottle at night, throwing valuables into the garbage can, attempting to eat non-valuable semi-edibles out of the garbage can, saying "no" while shaking his head (whenever possible), regular escape attempts from the house (he appears to be heading toward town), and occasionally following simple instructions. Poor dude has been sick this week, stretching our patience further than normal.


Anonymous said...

That little Ezra is growing up too fast. He is getting a little leaner, isn't he? What a rich bounty from the garden. Pearl

Andrew said...

We read The Chrysalids in Caronport too (similar territory!) I recall really liking it.

Jeremy said...

I think you're right, Pearl -- in the month he's been walking, he's lost some baby fat, just like the girls did when they started motoring around.

Jeremy said...

Cool that you guys covered The Chrysalids too, Andrew. Reading it now, it seems like it would have been pretty challenging and intense for Grade 8. I'd definitely recommend it now if you're looking for a quick (maybe 4-5 hours) read.

Develo said...

Hey - good to hear that fall is treating you well. I'm so glad that we've made it back to still see a bit of it before the snow begins.

Doesn't look like we'll get as far as the Okanagan on our stopover. Only time for a couple of days on the island, and one night in Vancouver. We'll have to catch up at Christmas????

Wow - huge decision on the home schooling this year. I found out last night that Kehler's wife does over the phone assistance to parents who home school their kids. Sounds like it's all provincially funded.

Ah yes - the Chrysalids and six-toed Sophie (any similarity to web-toed Jeremy?)

Jeremy said...

Great to hear from you Greg. So you're finally done your Aussie stint? Too bad you guys can't make it up here for a couple of days -- would have been a blast. How do I twist your arm from a distance?

We won't be going anywhere this Christmas, so if you want to catch up, you'll have to head out this way again.