Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Homeschooling is Going

Tannis: Ivy, what do you want to do this afternoon?
Ivy: Hmmm...reading, writing and drawing....but no school.

So maybe that doesn't actually reveal too much about how it's really going, but I thought it was hilarious. I think Tannis is doing an amazing job with the balancing act of keeping them focused at times, and following their leads at other times. They're plowing through the "school" parts, and seem to have lots of time to follow their own rabbit trails and interests. The one-day-a-week classes in Penticton are going well, including Ivy's school-provided violin lessons while Ella's in class. And they've both started gymnastics, so it's not like we're all stuck in the house all the time.


Chris said...

Perfect. By jove I think she's got the hang of it!

Jeremy said...

ha haha...the lines seem to be blurring a bit at this point. I think that's likely good.

Chris said... "She" by the way, I mean your lovely daughter!

When you sepnt the day with Finn and I you saw our complete homeschooling approach in full swing. Same in Princeton.

When a kid WANTS to read write and draw they will learn. When we make them do these things when they don't want to, things shut down.

These girls are young. They'll find their live calling at some point, but right now supporting them in things they love to do, and trusting them is the hardest work of the newly minted homeschooling parent.

I love watching you guys in it. VEEERY familiar territory!

Angella said...

Ha! Classic.

That photo of the girls is beautiful. As are they.

Jeremy said...

Chris, it was inspiring to see you interacting with your kids. And I totally know what you mean about trusting kids. These hybrid programs (full curriculum, district oversight) have a weird inherent tension between the needs of the system and what the girls might choose to learn. We're finding that we can do both at this point -- easily meet the requirements, and then still have hours each day where the kids can follow their hearts and minds. The amount of time freed up is one of the most amazing things about this arrangement. Thanks for checking in and encouraging us -- much appreciated.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Angella. I thought you might like that photo of the sisters.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Jeremy, your story here---which you also shared in your kicks this morning---has got me thinking more about homeschooling. I blabbed about it in the comments, and Adrienne piped up, too (Adrienne Furness, who wrote a book on public libraries and homeschooling). Anyway, then I came to your blog to read more.

I guess that's to say you gave me food-for-thought.

And oh my stars, your daughters are beautiful! Just gorgeous! And your nature pics, too. WOW.

Jeremy said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words, Jules. We're still sorta in the honeymoon stage with the home learning...and I know most places don't have a cool program like we've got here...but yes, it is pretty exciting and works well for us. There are downsides, of course, and it's probably not the best match for every kid (or every family).

I'll head over to read the comments...always a nice exchange over there.