Sunday, September 14, 2008

September Sunday

Like I said the other day, our weather was blah in August, but there seems to be some karmic balancing going on, because September has been fantastic. The days are warm, but with a cool breeze from the north (unlike the prairies, the wind is mostly north in summer and south in winter) -- so a north-facing beach like Powell is a bit cool for swimming and lounging...but south-facing Sunoka has been hot and calm each afternoon between noon and supper. Yesterday we loaded up at the farmer's market in the morning, then I went for a great ride on Mt. Conkle just before lunch before we eventually hit Sunoka. Fish-fry feast at the Hildebrands later to cap off a stellar day.

My folks are taking the kids off our hands for lunch today, and then we'll likely meet up at the beach later on with some snacks. Sunday goodness.

Update: Tannis and I walked over to the Cellar Door Bistro at Sumac Ridge, our closest winery. Tasty lunch on the patio with a flight of white wines, and a chance to have an uninterrupted conversation! I had a nap later, and then we all went to the beach in the late afternoon. Hot enough to enjoy the water, and we stayed until almost 7pm before hunger won out. Tonight I picked up Lorne and we went up to Myron's for some ping pong and beers. Good times.

Weather Update: (because you've all been waiting anxiously) It was nice while it lasted, and in fact ended up even warmer than the original forecast...but now it's over. Next few days look more like this:

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