Saturday, September 20, 2008

Social Lite

Sometimes, I'm as prickly as that thistle over there, but thankfully people still choose to spend time with me. Just wanted to record a couple of fun social things that have kept me sane this week.

On Wednesday we brought wood and a picnic down to Sunoka and the Hildebrands joined us for an early-ish supper and campfire. I swam, and the water was still surprisingly nice. Calm, smooth lake reflecting pink sunset, crackling fire getting brighter as dusk settled, waiting for the moon to rise in the east. Kids running free, eating smores, digging in the sand.

I'm Mr. Single Dad this weekend, with Tan hanging out in Vancouver, but Lorne and Andrew came over last night to keep me company after the kids were all asleep. Beautiful summer evening; likely the last one of the season. Another crackling fire, some beers on the deck and the harvest moon hanging over the lake. Best way to start the weekend.

The common thread to those two get-togethers is Lorne, and I had already mentioned Sunday night's ping-pong with him and Myron (and the fish-fry at their place the night before). We've been talking a lot about their imminent departure to Manitoba, which is always a bit depressing, but also having plenty of fun and embracing the time we still have.

And finally, this morning I took the kids into town with the bike train (me on the bike, Ella on the trail-a-bike, and Ezra in the trailer behind her) and Ivy riding hers. Not social in the normal sense, but nice to get out of the house together when we don't have the car. The outing was somewhat marred by me sticking my thumb into Ivy's eye (in a botched attempt to catch her as she fell from the monkey bars), but we did have an outstanding lunch at the Victoria Road Bistro.


Tannis said...

I'm so glad you have the oomph to do those things with the kids (aside from the thumb in the eye). You're so competent I might take an extra day off...just kidding of course.

Jeremy said...

Well, you know that getting out of the house is often a matter of survival, just to mix things up for Ezra if nothing else. They were generally great today.

Anonymous said...

Great to see both of you surviving and enjoying the weekend. Mama Pearl

Andrew said...

Thanks for hosting us, Jeremy, despite your solo parenting duties this weekend. Fun times as always.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the note, Pearl. "Survival" was maybe a little facetious on my part...but we did have a very good weekend, capped off by a trip to the pool tonight.

Jeremy said...

Hey, always a pleasure, Andrew. Like I said, it made the weekend for me. Unlikely that we'll get any more warm evenings like that to sit outside for a couple of hours of conversation.