Sunday, October 12, 2008


October's not been a good blogging month so far, apparently. I have been uploading photos over at flickr (slideshow here), but haven't been making time to link to them.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday, and likely will continue to be until we all learn to properly honour and celebrate equinoxes and solstices. Those of you who know me well have probably heard me blab about thankfulness. It's sort of a quest because I see it as the key to happiness, but it doesn't come naturally for me. This blog is explicitly an exercise in thankfulness, which is why I don't often fill posts with griping and overanalysis even though I engage in too much of both in real life.

I've been melancholy this fall, but still thankful. I'm out of synch again -- enjoying and recognizing moments of joy and beauty, but struggling with the day-to-day demands of working and parenting, missing friends...feeling disconnected and out of step. Not optimizing, not seeing opportunities, drifting at work, and incredulous that Tuesday will mark the end of my ninth year at Bridges. NINE years in one job. On some levels it's embarrassing to admit, yet I'm thankful for that too. Perspective is everything -- even in pondering mortality, I'm more thankful for life.

So, lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend, even as Tannis and the girls zoomed away to Canmore to connect with the Friesen clan. Ezra and I had a good weekend together. Saturday evening, Myron and Tracey hosted and feasted us -- it was so warm and mellow and fun. On Sunday Dave and Lucy picked us up on their way to my folks' place for the massive holiday feast -- another excellent time with great people. In between the social stuff, I managed to can pears, finish a batch of apple jelly for Tannis, do a batch of grape jelly, tidy the house, and blow out the sprinklers. Some nice quiet times with Ezra around the house too, reading and playing and just hanging out.


Anonymous said...

Wow,JER, you're SUPERMAN-----canning, cleaning,babysitting,etc.!!!! I'm proud to call you OUR nephew! I love to read your blog; & this time I just had to comment. "Hi" to Tannis & kids. Aunt Diana

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Aunt Diana. Of course it's not all as super as it sounds, and I don't really consider it "babysitting" when they're my kids, but...thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I guess I was still holding onto the late '60's & early '70's view: Dads would "babysit" once a month while Moms attended Ladies Fellowship Mtg. at church.
Believe me, it was very STRESSFUL for the dads (equally so for the moms)!!
Pray tell, what is the politically correct term? Aunt Diana

Jeremy said...

Too funny, eh? Times do change.

I think I just consider it being a dad..."parenting" is probably the politically correct term, but even that separates the activity from normal life, as if it was somehow outside of the basic expectations.