Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To Tofino

I spent a few hours today going through about 500 photos from our trip to Vancouver Island, eventually choosing and uploading 85 that represent most of our six days of fun (slideshow here). A few highlights that may or may not have been photographed:
  • We stayed at the Sylvia in Vancouver again, in both directions, and loved it even more this time. Wonderful breakfasts, super friendly people, and a humungous room with a separate bedroom for $110/night. On the way to the island, we wandered along the beach and hit Legendary Noodle for supper (complete with fancy cupcakes for dessert). On the way back home, Angelo and Esther and dear Imogene met us at the hotel -- we got yummy takeout (Malaysian for them, Greek for us) and hung out for a happy couple of hours.

  • It was great to see Steve and Ang (and their growing clan) again, but it was way too short this time. Just long enough to realize how hard it is to get into any kind of real conversation with six kids running amuck. Steve was magic with those three little boys, Thomas wanted to stow away in our car, the girls hung out a bit, and Ang tried to hide from the camera (unsuccessfully). Their turn to come to Summerland now for sure.
  • We took Hwy 3 both directions -- it's so pretty this time of year, and we love stopping at Sanderson's market in Keremeos to stock up on fruit, veggies, nuts and the best Indian food. I lined the kids up for a posed shot with the pumpkins and enjoyed the fall bounty.

  • My parents joined us for two nights in Tofino, staying at the Best Western next door to Ocean Village. We had a great time with them, and they treated us to a couple of very nice meals at The Schooner in town and Calm Waters at their resort. Dad even took me out whale watching, which was much more fun than I thought -- we saw a sea otter, bald eagle, seals, sea lions, sea birds, and a bunch of grey whales, one of whom was curious about the tourists.

  • Last year, Ezra was a three-month-old lump on the trip. This year he was more challenging, but way more fun. He enjoyed hanging out with his grandma and grandpa, although he did give them a hilarious sideways glance on the beach. Tannis and I had our hands full with him, but he was generally a really good sport, and got along well with his sisters.
  • Ah yes, the sisters. They did some playing on the beach, but were just as contented hanging out inside, reading or doing puzzles or whatever. Of course the pool was their destination of choice.

  • Cathedral Grove was gorgeous again this year, but an exhausted Ezra pretty much ruined our enjoyment this time around. Can't win 'em all, I guess.
  • I enjoyed some photogeekery, of course: tidal pools, sunsets, beach cruisers, surfers, misty points and many more in the set if you're interested. I broke in a new (to me) 100-300mm lens and had some good luck with it.
  • And, it was good to be home. Until next time...


Tannis said...

Wow, good work getting through those photos in a timely fashion. I appreciate the effort that goes into that and love having the great record of events.

Jeremy said...

My pleasure. Thankfully I didn't have to get straight back to work today.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Jeremy!

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Andrew. The 30D served me well this week -- I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Still made dumb mistakes, but overall got what I hoped to capture.

Ang said...

Amaaaazing post, as always. Next time my dining room table is going to be covered in art and craft supplies and the girls can havadder.

The Squirrel Hunter said...

As far as annual traditions go (if that's what this is becoming), this is definitely up a notch over shopping in Grand Forks for a weekend.

The Ezra picture is awesome; I can't quite decide how to describe his expression. Bemused suspicion?

Maybe we'll spend our next stay in Vancouver at the Sylvia, although the Sands has always served me well. It's time I try something new. Similar location and price.

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Ang. The kittens were the best possible entertainment for them, at least for such a short visit. It also helped ease them past another of their weirdly intense pet phobias, so thanks for that.

Jeremy said...

Yo Plett. Not sure if it will be a tradition, even though we defaulted to it again this year. We have to drive past a lot of beautiful (and cheaper!) places to get there, and should probably mix it up next year. It is a great time of year to travel, though...and there is something special about the open ocean and amazing beaches of that far west coast.

Also, I do have fond memories of Grand Forks weekends. Really, when you're a kid, it's all about the hotel pool anyway, no matter where the hotel is located.

I think you might like the Sylvia -- it's got great character, but wouldn't be for everyone. We've heard that other people find it shabby. We love it, anyway.

Ezra's expression is priceless, isn't it? He and I were out exploring and my folks joined us. It was like he had a little game going in his mind, like he wasn't going to properly acknowledge them, even though he obviously knew they were there. Freak. We laughed really hard.

Garth said...

Some great shots Jer! Tofino seems to not only be a surfing mecca but a great place for fotos!

Jeremy said...

Thanks -- I did make some time to try to enjoy some photography, and was fairly pleased again. It's the kind of place where opportunities constantly jump out at you.