Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Date

Ivy and I went to see the Okanagan Symphony tonight. The theme was a Centennial Celebration, so it had some interesting local content, including the premiere of a piece by a composer from Penticton that turned out to be pretty amazing (to these untrained ears, anyway) and a pianist who grew up here playing one of Mozart's incredible piano concertos -- both were performed beautifully and professionally. Sandwiched in between those was some opera, which I've never been able to stomach, but it was interesting and mercifully short.

Ivy was thrilled to see her violin teacher performing on stage, and really enjoyed the first piece. She found the opera "kinda creepy, actually". Her patience and energy waned through three movements of the piano concertos, although she marveled at the skill (and memorization) displayed by the pianist. She most enjoyed the sound of the cellos and appreciated times in the music when it built from quiet to cacophony. An hour and a half was enough for us, so we left at the intermission, feeling very happy about the experience. Looking forward to taking in the Christmas show in a month.


Jules at 7-Imp said...

Can't wait for my girls to see their first symphony, too. Glad you all had fun.


Jeremy said...

Should be great -- do you enjoy it too? It would have been better for us to wait for one that was more kid-oriented...the next one is shorter, with Christmas favourites, so that should be better suited for the girls.