Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Offboard Memory

  • Fantastic two-hour ride with Richard on the weekend, discovering an endless loop of singletrack and sharing some laughs. Glad the piles of snow disappeared again.
  • My first noon-hour hockey of the season -- it's drop-in, so you just show up with your gear and pay $5 on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (Monday and Wednesday we take the kids skating at noon) -- I was terrible, giving the puck away nearly every time I touched it. Amazing exercise, though, and we had two goalies, with three subs on each side...perfect.
  • Tannis took the kids out for the evening tonight, leaving me with three uninterrupted non-work hours. I played violin for almost two of them, with a hockey game on in the background. It's become a really good thing for me. I discovered an interesting violin dealer in Salmon Arm, who would likely be happy to take some of my dollars.
  • I joined Myron and his brother for an excellent evening on Monday. Sunflower seeds, cold beer and chocolate cake around the woodstove. The backyard rink is looking fantastic, and it's always good to catch up with Kev -- we never run out of things to talk about.
  • Watched most of Winged Migration -- unbelievable cinematography of birds.
  • Started A Boy of Good Breeding by Miriam Toews. So far so good, if not as instantly compelling as A Complicated Kindness.
  • Fun Thai lunch with Jim last had been way too long, so it was great to connect again.
  • Listening to Frightened Rabbit and getting inexplicably teary whenever Old Old Fashioned came on.
  • The Weakerthans coming back to Kelowna in April.
  • Oh yeah, and that Ezra is wicked cute...



The Squirrel Hunter said...

A nice array of relaxation. Every time Kev ends up in MB, I claim I'm going to catch up with him, and never do. Sometimes it's tough to switch over to a "me-time" mode when work and yard and family is the groove I'm in.

Since the blog remains titleless, might I suggest "Laying Down the Law"? It will amuse me and maybe some other former classmates, if no one else.

my said...

Interestingly, Law did come up in the Kev conversation - As I recal we were discussing late fees and movie rentals. I might concur with the proposed title.

Hey Jer, I am ditching out of a session here in Portland and T just told me we are to get a wack of snow - is the temp loww enough to put a layer of water on the rink? It might make it easier to shovel off when the forecasted snow hits.

Hi plett,


Jeremy said...

Yeah, always great to connect with Kev. Probably harder when he comes to MB, as he has dozens of people to see.

Laying Down the Law could work. The nickname doesn't fit as well as it once did, though. Not that I'm not generally a law-abiding citizen, but I like to think that I'm more into the grey areas, less fixated on the principle of the thing. Although it looks like Myron is probably disputing that.

And yes, MBD, I'll try to get up there tonight to put a layer down. Not that it requires much intervention...guess I'll just turn on the hose and wait. I remember now what my friend at work told me -- he said with a liner, you don't actually want to put down layers at the beginning, because the water gets underneath the stuff that's frozen, floating it around. Perhaps we should have filled it a lot more that first time. We'll see.

Have fun in Portland -- I've always wanted to go there.

my said...

Yeah, just hook-up to the outside tap behind the house and let'er go. That tap connection needs to be tight - use a visegrip from the top drawer of the tool cabinet if it makes it easier.

One big layer would've been better, but I guess we'll see. In the end, it may turn out to be a version closer to what we did last year, just with a base that started easier.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Jer, keep up the blogs. We do read when we can get connected with the internet. For some reason we have connection at this moment after 5 days at least of nothing. Ezra's pic finally opened up to below the chin. Yep, cute! Pearl

Jeremy said...

K, will do, My. Tap behind the house? I thought we always used the one along the front flower bed...but don't worry about it, I'll figure it out.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the note, Pearl. Hopefully you'll have better access soon.