Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stoesz Festivities

A couple of years ago my Aunt Lucy and her husband Dave moved to Penticton, and it's become an excellent tradition to get our clans together just after Christmas. It's fun every year, with a warm vibe, great food, and reconnecting with family. Nick was the guest of honour this year as the only one from far away -- that's him performing feats of storytelling. A few of my photos:

And a few shots from Jason, also Flickr'd:


Jay said...

Awesome night. Awesome post. Thanks, Jer.

The Squirrel Hunter said...

First the making of new friends without being at gunpoint.

Now the sighting of facial hair without use of a magnifying glass.

The Jer I knew is all grown up.

Give a Merry Christmas to all the rugrats, and Tan, and your folks, and the Duecks, and your brother, and Jason, and anyone else who cares, and yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post Jeremy. It was a fun time. The "Stoesz Festivities" title really threw me off though. I didn't know who you were talking about for a second!

Happy New Year to all of you. A. Lucy

Jeremy said...

Thanks J.

Plett, thanks for the Christmas wishes -- same back to you and your crew. Oh, and I can't believe you're checking blogs in Maui. I don't expect you to click into the other photos, but they more accurately show the peach fuzz you referred to as "facial hair". It's a result of poor hygiene, unfortunately, and this wannabe-Slayer photo makes it look more legit (and awful) than it really is. As far as new friends go, if they keep leaving, I'll have to increase my rate to one new friend every year to keep up.

Thanks Aunt Lucy -- the title is a bit weird...but that gathering has become the stand-in for the get-togethers at Grandma's place for me.

Bill said...

Dude I was totally thinking Slayer. You look NASTY!

Jeremy said...

It's the new me. This year's resolutions are all about being NASTY, and rocking out. On the violin. With glasses...and three kids, and a computer job. Sigh.