Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Revisiting Creative Resolutions

It's a fool's game, I realize. But I went back to check out my creative resolutions from last year. The results were not at all pretty:
  • "Write and self-publish a book for children with Neil" -- Sadly, I've hardly even seen Neil since they moved back to the valley, never mind collaborated with him on a cool project. I'll have to move this to the unattainable dream category for now.
  • "Draw once a week, no matter how insignificant or small, and collect the results in one place" -- Maybe more like once a month, but barely even that much. I haven't even been keeping up with recording enough of the girls' art lately either.
  • "Play bass at least an hour a week and learn Robin's songs so we can play for people at some point" -- I fell so flat on this one it's not even funny. Barely played bass, and although I loved Robin's songs, never properly learned them. Ugh.
  • "Maybe ease off on the photography a bit, if for no other reason than to free up some time for the pursuits above" -- This wasn't a bad idea, but it didn't happen. I guess I'm just sticking with photography for now.
It wasn't all bad news -- my passion for the violin came out of nowhere and captured my imagination in a way that these other things didn't. Music and photography have always been my thing, really, so perhaps I should just go with the flow in '09. So, for those two pursuits, some quick goals (you'd think I would have learned my lesson from last year, but no):
  • Violin: I bought the second Suzuki book yesterday, so I'm planning to finish the last couple of songs in Book 1, and then hopefully be able to play through Book 2 over the next half-year or so. I started removing tapes from the fingerboard, like removing training wheels -- complete removal is the next step. This year I'd love to learn some fiddle music, in Irish and gypsy styles. I may also spring for a new violin, having found some limitations in this rental of mine.
  • Photography: I don't think I've ever set goals for photography -- it's something I've always just woven into our lives. Gear-wise, I'm pretty set right now, with the only thing to covet being a nice wide angle lens and my first tripod. I'd like to strive for two somewhat opposite goals: more variety in my choice of subjects, and one or two themes that I start to build a sort of collection around. Sort of like some of the Flickr sets, but something new, and with greater depth...something that stretches me and requires some discipline.
And then there's blogging, which should probably be included here. I get regular bouts of blog envy, finding ones with amazing writing, gorgeous layouts, outrageous photos and more authenticity. BUT, I'm mostly just glad that I've kept this one going even if it limps sometimes. Maybe it's not so creative, but at least it's not going away.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your resolutions Jer! My only real hope is that 2009 is a little less traumatic than 2008.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Heather. I never really do proper resolutions, but I do like this idea of creative goals. And yes, less trauma is always good -- I hope your hope is realized.