Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Past

Just like that, Christmas is over. The celebration was pretty low-key for us this year. On Christmas Eve, the Duecks invited us up to Faulder for skating and hanging out. So fun. The rink is in perfect shape, and the fire was roaring -- not quite warm enough to keep the kids out there longer than about 20 minutes, but Myron and I shot around for a while after getting them inside. Perfect warm vibe inside, with the kids doing their thing, and the grown-ups laughing their asses off over wine and nibblies.

We opened our presents and stockings when we got home. Everyone seemed to be satisfied with their haul, but we played it pretty low-key with presents this year. I got a badly-needed new wallet and a gorgeous mounted print from a gallery in Tofino (recorded here primarily because I can never remember what I get for Christmas). Christmas morning was mellow -- peach-porridge bake for breakfast, then just hanging out while the kids played with new stuff until it was time to head to my folks' place in Kelowna. Somewhere in there Jason and Karen popped by on their way to Penticton, which is always a treat. I need to get a photo of J's incredible new coat tomorrow at the Stoesz get together.

Round two of presents started almost as soon as we got there, and we tore through them in no time. Goodies galore, and instead of lots of little stuff, I got one great toy -- a lens I've been too cheap to buy for myself. Tannis used it for this great shot of me playing violin in mom 'n dad's living room -- perfect sound in there, with a big vaulted ceiling and hardwood floors. Ezra accompanied me on the piano.

The feast was amazing, with all the fixin's. We stayed up late talking, and the grandparents rounded up the kids in the morning so Tannis and I could sleep in a bit. Glory be. Then gorging on waffles with pudding, syrup, ice cream and strawberries. Then more lounging around, and I inflicted more of my beginner violin songs on everyone. Oh, and Ella rocked her cute new 'do all along. Uncle Ryan was missed, but as he was in Europe, none of us felt too sorry for him.

So we didn't do the family photo thing this year; either the taking of it or the sending out to everyone. But we hope you had a great Christmas, and thanks for dropping in here -- it's always nice to hear from friends and relatives this time of year. Hope we get to see you this year!


Update: Tannis also added some more photos and reflections from Christmas.


Dianne said...

Doesn't he look as though he's reading the notes or thinking through a serious piece of music? What a gorgeous shot!

Jeremy said...

ha haha...I think so too. Some serious musical studying going on there.