Tuesday, December 09, 2008


We celebrated Tannis's birthday on Friday. The Beanery cooked our breakfast to start things off, and we had a lazy morning (I had booked the day off). After lunch we were off to Penticton for the Home Learner's Program Christmas party. Ivy and I performed with our violin group, and we listened to the other students playing and singing as well -- it was inspiring. Nice vibe later, and we even made a new friend; a woman who reminded us enough of Ang that we instantly liked her. Tannis snuck out of the party for a quick work appointment, and then we headed back home.

My folks came later and took the kids out for supper, so Tannis and I enjoyed another feast at the Cellar Door Bistro. Nice mellow celebration for a very special woman.


Kaili said...

Celebrating with Cellar Door is ALWAYS a good idea! We are going tomorrow night! ALSO childless!
Sounds like a fun mellow day for Tannis!

Jeremy said...

Nice -- enjoy!

We hadn't been for a while, and now we've gone twice in two weeks. It's so quiet there, and warm by the fire...oh, and the food is great, of course. Sumac Ridge also has a great Christmas sale on cases of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Merlot...just over $10/bottle for good local VQA wine is a bargain, if you're into that sort of thing.

Ang said...

Of course I have to risk humiliating myself and ask if you meant Ang as in THE Ang that reads your blog?
Happy belated Tannis-sounded like a very cool day.

Jeremy said...

Really, there's only one Ang for us. The original, unique, classic Ang. You, silly.

Tannis said...

Thanks Ang! Yes, of course THE Ang.

It was a great, mellow day. It felt mellow anyway but when I read about it it looked busy.

Glad you got out to the Cellar Door too Kaili!