Friday, January 02, 2009

The Essence of Ezra...

...cannot be captured in a single post, or a thousand posts. However, I did throw together a couple of minutes of Ezra clips from the past couple of months, mostly for the benefit of Grandma Pearl and Papa Larry, who are enduring even further distances away than usual this winter. Because they're spending parts of their weeks at the beach, we don't feel too terribly sorry for them, but they do miss the kids a lot this time of year. Anyway, please enjoy, if these things are your cup of tea:

I love the emerging motion and emotion he's expressing in some of these clips. I still need to get some more footage of his recent "conversations" and bits of singing and chattering.



Kaili said...

What a sweetheart!
Love Ella nursing him then them both giggling! So cute!
Did you guys happen to catch the special on birth on 20/20 tonight? Oh man.....!!

Jeremy said...

ha haha...he hasn't nursed in a while, so I think he was just blowing a raspberry on her belly. But you're right, super cute with the giggles.

No, didn't catch the special, but I checked out the bits online. You must have been paying extra close attention!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you, thank you. Like Larry says, it's awesome just seeing Ezra growing and developing character. Appreciate your efforts so much to keep us in the loop. You're right, no sense feeling sorry for us, but we DO miss all of you so much. Love that picture of him in the crib, hair all splayed out and his teeth showing! Also, i imagine that last picture in the video clip signifies his level of activity - a blur. Pearl

Jeremy said...

You're welcome! And yes, he is a total blur these days. Sometimes it feels like we follow him around all day keeping him from damaging himself or our property. He's already managed to kill the microwave and three functions on our stereo (CD, Tape and input/output jacks).