Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The biggest Ezra fans out there have probably already been sneaking peeks at the latest photos of him, but I thought I'd drop them here anyway. He's been a real handful. I put this in a comment somewhere else, but sometimes it feels like we follow him around all day keeping him from damaging himself or our property. He's already managed to kill the microwave and three functions on our stereo (CD, Tape and input/output jacks). My amp also stopped working not long ago, but I have no proof that he was directly responsible, other than finding that he had learned to remove the metal sleeves for all the input jacks.

On the plus side of the ledger, he's in one of those ramp-up modes now where he's learning new words every day. That's still a mindbender, even though this is the third time around for us. We can now identify: done, duck, fish, Ella, up, off, on, no, yeah ("dah!" very enthusiastically), nice, stuck, apple, dip, juice, cheese, ring/ding, bug, book, owl, animal, dog, ball, balloon, bum, ni-ni (soother), please ("pees", very infrequently), barn, wheat (mini-wheats), nose, star, violin ("vin!"), nuts, mess, dark, door...we should really be writing more of them down, because I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

Anyway, here are a couple more photos:So yes, he's a handful, but really, how could you ever be angry at someone this cute?



Ang said...

WOW! This guy makes me howl!
I checked out lots of your pictures and this cutey seems so intense. I really laughed my butt off at many of the pics. What an awesome little dude!!! He kinda reminds me of one of my own little intense dudes. Good on ya for all the pics! Thanks bud! Keep up the good work- seriously!
Stevo von-mcplottsen

Jeremy said...

Thanks Steve-o. He does have tons of character. I remember how well you connected with him back in October -- there's even a little clip of you two in the video I posted a while back.

The Squirrel Hunter said...

Do you walk around with a camera in your hand at all times? If you free them up, you might be more successful at stopping the destruction.

Just kidding, there's no stopping the destruction. We bought ourselves a new stereo for Christmas because of child-related destruction. Since I never play anymore, I don't know how functional my amp is, but I know it gets a daily workover from the little guy. I think a picture frame is the first thing he ever officially broke, long before he turned one. I often find him kicking buttons on the DVD player - lights go on, lights go off.

We just keep moving things higher, but we have trouble keeping up with his longer arms and increasing dexterity. Last week he was happily talking to Heather about "playing his monicas". She turned around and found him with two of my swiss-army knives in his hands, blowing away like they were harmonicas. So inside the desk drawer is no longer a safe zone.

Boys are definitely more trouble than girls in the early years. I think it switches around in the teenage years.

Jeremy said...

I keep the camera in my hand so he can't get at it. The touch of doom.

Your accounts of James' exploits sound so familiar -- methinks that is our future as well.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, could squeeze this little guy! One of my favourites still is Ezra wake-up happy I think. Where he is Einstein lying in the crib. His hair is disarrayed like my dad`s used to be! Thanks for posting again and we`re following the development closely. He`s got a large vocabulary and yeah, sounds like a busy guy! No wonder Tan needs her coffee. Pearl

Jeremy said...

He is very squeezeable, Pearl, and yes, that shot of him just woken up in the crib is one of my faves too. Total monkey.

Tannis said...

I would take the liberty of changing your closing line to "how could you ever STAY angry at someone this cute?".

Jeremy said...