Monday, January 26, 2009

Inventor Ivy

I've started posts about Ivy recently and abandoned them because it's impossible to reflect much of value in a short bit of writing -- she's a complex kid, keeping us guessing a lot of the time and wondering what's going on in that nifty brain of hers. And not necessarily in a bad way; she's just more like a teenager than we thought she'd be at seven. Questions everything. Resists suggestions, ideas or advice of any kind. Reads, reads, reads and reads, preferably with nobody bothering her for hours. Mood swings over days and weeks. Ideas for projects large and small, creative energy to burn, and no desire to go to sleep at the end of the day.

Sometimes she seems like the innocent little Ivy Jane of a couple of years ago, playing with dolls and being silly. We see that she's responding very well to learning at home -- I don't ever want her to have that stressed, worn, ashen look she had most of last year at school. Her creativity and drive are exhausting for us, yes, but also inspiring. She's a creator. Much of her frustration comes from having visions that the rest of us can't or won't help her implement immediately. Today I sucked it up and helped her build a simple "oven" using a tea candle for heat, including much experimentation with materials and methods (just about her favourite thing) before roasting a couple of marshmallows. She was so happy. You can see it beaming out of the photo.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I love this kid so much. She blows my mind and I wish I could capture some of what makes her amazing in words and pictures. Here are a couple of the latter, since the former have fallen flat: she's sticking with the violin (now pretty in pink), more skating, and she loved this weird red glow.


Update: I forgot that Ivy told me it was ok to post a copy of her letter to Santa this year. Quick transcription: "Dear Santa,
I don't know if you are real or not, but I hope so! I have been a bit bossy this year but that comes from being a big sister. That is something I am working on. Of course I don't need presents, but if you insist here is some ideas!
  • new piggy bank
  • new robe
  • Dragon equipment (find at Doctor Drake's Dragonella in London)
  • Baby alive doll (like Tyra's)
-- From Ivy 7 years old
P.S. Please just pick 1 or 2 not 10 like 2006!"


Ang said...

Ivy is fascinating! And this post is beautiful. Inspires me to suck it up for our eldest more. Luckily steve and em have similar interests so at least one of us is motivated to help her pursue her passions, e.g. snorkling in Maui. Those little ones can be so draining it too often makes more sense to expect the older ones to suck it up for us worn out parents.

Kaili said...

Wow, she IS amazing! LOVE her letter to Santa! So funny!

She is a bright on, along with your other two! Bright bright kids you have over there! And darn cute too!

Vicki said...

That Ivy is an amazing young lady. How great is it that she can read these words so beautiful, and about her...written by her father.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the kind and wise words, you three. With seven kids between you (soon to be NINE), there's plenty of parenting experience represented! Parenting Ivy is very challenging, but also very rewarding because she's so intense and engaged.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl, that Ivy Jane. We love her and are so proud of her. Papa Larry & Grandma Pearl

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Jeremy, this is such a beautiful and very real tribute to your complex and wonderful daughter that it brought tears to my eyes.

I especially love that red photo.

Hope you'll still let me feature your photos next week on Sunday! I'm looking forward...If you change your mind for whatever reason, it's a-okay, but I really hope you're still interested. You can send WHATEVER you want. We can talk later, I suppose.

Jeremy said...

Oh, thanks Jules.

Next week for the photos? Sounds good. Give me a number limit (of photos) or you run the risk of me sending you 50.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Hmm...let's see. How about up to, I dunno, 10? I don't think ten would be too many. I know that our readers will be so happy to see you share, esp. since they know you. So you can send ten or less or, shoot, if you sent 15, I'd probably still smile. (This is hard to answer. Can you tell?). Yeah, let's just say 10, but feel free to send any number under that.

I can re-size with no problems. I'm sure you've noticed that I like to post images as big as the template will let me (if I'm featuring art or photography or whatever), and that's width 500. So, please send me width 500 or bigger. Anything bigger, I can re-size. No problem-o.

Woot! Also, I see on FB that your b'day is this week -- tomorrow, right? Happy happy! Celebrate big.

I'm reeeally looking forward to your Sunday feature. Thanks for doing this.

(Oh, and the pictures can be of whatever you want -- no theme necessary. It's entirely up to you. And if you want to add some text -- say *whatever* you want about your photography -- feel free to.)