Thursday, January 01, 2009

Skating Into 2009

Our skating season started a little earlier than last year, thanks to an earlier cold snap. I shaped and flooded a little skating loop in the backyard, and the girls tried it out (and helped) yesterday morning for the first time. Still a little bumpy, but they did great and had fun. The dynamic duo has also been having a blast at Myron's much more impressive rink (this was before he put the boards up!).

We celebrated up there again for their New Year's Eve party, and once a few days before. Tannis and Ezra got in on the skating action too, although Ezra's tolerance was pretty low. The party turned out great, even with nine kids causing chaos -- awesome food, and good company. Here's a quick video of some recent winter action around here:

And a happy New Year from our clan to yours!


Kaili said...

Rink with a view? NICE!

Gupta was at one of your get togethers? NICE!

Love Ivy's snow pants!

Love the family shot!

Anonymous said...

Wow, love the pictures and the video. The amount of snow looks more like Winnipeg, but gauging by clothes, expressions, etc the temperature must be milder. (We remember Ivy being about Ezra's age one winter in Winnipeg when she cried because of the cold at an outdoor rink) What fun. We'll see if we can show some of our friends here what our family does in Canada! Pearl

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Kaili. You'll have to come over and try out the loop. Ivy's snow pants will likely look ridiculous sooner rather than later, but now they seem kinda cool. How do you know Raj?

Jeremy said...

Glad you liked it Pearl. Tonight I posted the Ezra video I had promised -- enjoy!