Friday, January 16, 2009


Ivy whipped these three paintings off this morning in an hour or so. I love the style of them -- she was leafing through a book on Chinese watercolour painting and picking the elements she liked best. She's been had some good success with her art lately, but it's hard to keep up with it all, never mind recording and uploading: card for a friend, and a fantastic cover for a book she was going to write ("Bean and Her Brothers").

Ella's been busy drawing too. This one she worked on this morning, and she's done a lot of cool ones lately: creatures in an art inspiration, princess sketch, an ominous creature at her campsite, and a very nifty Seuss-like map.


joyce said...

linked here from son is taking an extra long nap, so I have the luxury of just "playing" online.

i had to comment on how amazing those chinese-inspired paintings are. they're sellable, they're so good.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Joyce. You never know with kids' drawings -- sometimes they seem to bust out beauties like that one and the next time, not so much.