Saturday, January 17, 2009

Right Now

Things I am thankful for this very second:
  • Skating at Myron's rink with the girls this afternoon.
  • Practicing violin and learning a new song (working hard on the three Minuets in the first Suzuki book)...and having ordered a new violin as an early birthday present for myself. Amazing buying experience from Fiddleheads -- more on that later when I get playing with the new toy.
  • Fresh, cold Fuji apples from Billy's place. Ambrosias too.
  • The possibility of going for beers at the Perch tonight with Andrew (which did happen, and was nice to have a pub buddy).
  • Hockey Night in Canada on the laptop in the kitchen, with a Holsten Maibock for company while...
  • up a very nice tomato sauce using zucchini, Roma tomatoes, chard and basil from our garden (frozen)...yum.
Update: As a continuation of thankful thoughts, but one day later:
  • Amazing kids' book blogger Tanya reviewed Savvy, a book we all loved around here (especially Ivy)...and the author of the book, Ingrid Law, chimed in with a wonderful comment on the post that had Ivy beaming later that night.
  • A great date with Tannis when my parents took all three kids off our hands this afternoon -- we hit a The Hooded Merganser, then our favorite used book store and spent $50 in a happy hour of browsing.
And to provide a little balance, we've had the January blahs around here. Ivy's been out of sorts and lethargic, Tannis feeling restless, and Ezra's sick with a nasty croupy cough that made for awful nights. I've been grouchy and needing exercise in the worst way, and the fog was somewhat oppressive for all of us this week. Not to complain and whine...but it's not all fun and joy. Ella's been a shining light in the minor gloom, though -- cheery and supportive and going with the flow. Her skating and swimming really took off this week too, and she's blossoming into such a fun little girl.


Question: Do these icicles and dead flowers have anything to do with this post, or anything else for that matter?
Answer: No. No they do not.

More here: ice teeth, tubes of glass, and a perfect sculpture.


Vicki said...

Megan will be very interested to hear that you play violin!

Jeremy said...

Does she play too? Ivy and I started learning together in fall -- it's been pretty fun.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mid-winter blahs out there. How we would love to take a turn with the kids too. OR, take you for an afternoon at teh beach. But, even paradise here has blah days, especially when it's super humid and when you allow yourself to indulge in missing loved ones. In any case, looks like you found great outlets with books and dates! That picture of icicles is absolutely beautiful - there is one of your savvy's. Pearl

Andrew said...

Agreed on the percher being excellent, as always!

What lens did you use for the 'encased' photo?

Jeremy said...

Thanks, Pearl. When my mom heard you guys might be semi-homeless for a while when you get back, she said to offer that you could stay with them for a month -- would be fun to be so close by.

Jeremy said...

Andrew, I used my 28-105 zoom for all of these ice shots. It isn't officially a macro lens, but does focus reasonably close (just under half a metre) at full zoom. The maximum magnification at its minimum focusing distance (.19x) is identical to your 28-135 IS, which wouldn't tend to be enough to show the details on a ladybug, but fine for flowers and other larger subjects.

I cropped the photo a bit, which makes it seem even closer. And although I had been shooting at ISO 100 because there was lots of light, I bumped up the ISO to 250 so I could use a smaller aperature (f/7.1) -- not so small that the background was in focus, just enough to make sure that the ice was very sharp (these lenses don't tend to be the sharpest using wide-open aperatures).