Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Bill sent me this nifty graphic of keywords from this very site, with more common words showing up bigger. I find it disproportionately pleasing, because many of the words are favourites of mine. When he sent it, he didn't tell me what it was, but I skimmed it for about 10 seconds before writing back, "THAT'S ME!" I dig this stuff.

It reminded me that I wanted to post a list of things people have searched for on google and then somehow arrived at this site. Some are quite meaningful; others are way out there. Some make me laugh.
  • mennonite mafia
  • "elmer eidse" photo
  • bablicon orange moon
  • bertram creek park wedding
  • bill featherston paintings
  • dinos ice cream sommerland
  • gasthaus peachland opening hours
  • go leaves #14 meghan hildebrand
  • holdeman legalism
  • hooded merganser penticton new years eve
  • hope-princeton highway
  • is jeremy hiebert a christian?
  • jeremy + mountain biking rossland
  • jeremy hiebert canadian rock band
  • joey tomatoes winter pudding
  • kelowna regional library
  • okanagan symphony
  • pela diphenhydramine lyrics
  • rose melberg - cast away the clouds
  • sarson beach
  • thebirthoffeeling blogspot
  • ultra conservative mennonites
  • we seem to have reached the age where life stops giving us things and starts taking them away
  • when harry met sally intp


Jason said...

Some of those are really funny! The only searches I get from Google are "Jason St. Pierre". That's it.

My Flickr account gets a search for "Toes" no less than 10 times a day. Mel's toes are one of my most popular photos.

Angelo said...

Wow. I wonder if the creators of Google ever thought that one day their search engine would be used to try and determine the eternal status of former classmate's souls.

Andrew said...

"is jeremy hiebert a christian?" - Haha! Too funny. Apparently, the divine Google knows all.

Jeremy said...

J, odd that Mel's toes are such a draw. That's messed.

I think I've solved the mystery of the salvation searcher. The most famous Jeremy Hiebert is a member of a couple of hardcore bands, one of which is straight-edge punk with some Christian content. So although it was flattering to think that someone cared about the arc of my atheism...I'm thinking this was mistaken identity. It was funny, though.