Monday, February 09, 2009


It was tempting to go for a skate tonight under the full moon with the owls hooting and the coyotes yelping, but we had already gone before supper. The girls have been putting in serious time these last couple of days, each piling up 100 laps yesterday and more today. It's showing in their confidence and more powerful strides, too -- these three photos of Ivy show it a bit, and smooth skater Ella is flying out there too. I liked this black 'n white shot for a change:



Tannis said...

That first picture of Ivy screams "short track speed skater". Not a sport I would have predicted for her.

Jeremy said...

All of these do, really. I love how aggressive she's been on the loop these last few weeks. I'll have to try not to live vicariously through her or push her in that direction -- I've always wanted to be a speed skater.