Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dry Grass and Shadows

I'm not sure how Alela Diane has seeped her way into my consciousness. It's folk music, pretty straight-up, which isn't what I'd normally go for. But there's just that certain something about her voice that meanders around and gives me goosebumps. This video is remarkable -- no amps or vocal mics, all in one take. The acoustics in that church must be unbelievable; the performance is intimate and flawless. Her new album comes out next week (review, and her label is offering the free mp3 for White as Diamonds -- video here).


Jason said...

While a little too "Folky" for my tastes, that is an amazing video. She's an incredible singer.

Jeremy said...

Yes, very folksy. Some of her stuff is less so, maybe more Fiona Apple-ish? But like I said, I didn't expect to like her stuff so just caught me somehow.