Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It was a busier weekend than normal. A few notes before I forget:
  • Thusday night I played hockey with Myron's crew -- really fun, although I'm sadly out of shape.
  • Friday night Myron hosted me in his palatial shed for ping pong and beers by the woodstove. I played some violin for him too -- awesome reverb in there.
  • Sushi for lunch with Jason in Kelowna when I went into the office on Friday. We farted around with his wide-angle lens with funny results.
  • Somewhere in there Andrew and I hit the pub. Always good.
  • My mom took Ezra from Friday to Saturday, freeing up Tannis and the girls to host a crazy valentine's party sleepover with six girls (although one didn't stay over). Seemed like everyone had a good time.

  • We retrieved Ezra the next day, enjoying lunch with my mom (although Tannis had some solo time downtown), and spending a happy hour at the downtown library later.
  • Sunday afternoon I took the girls to the art gallery in Penticton (see below).
  • The Vandersluys clan came over on Sunday evening. To give you an idea of our current hosting lameness, we served special guests grilled-cheese sandwiches and salad. But a good time was had by all, and the girls even fit in a skate as it got dark.

February-17-09 002


Anonymous said...

Aw, that last pic of Ezra made me say "awwww" out loud... by myself. What a heart-melter!

Jeremy said...

Yeah, he's pretty sweet. We often say, "thank goodness for that"...

Elizabeth said...

That photo of la lune is deadly, Jer. Great shot!

Jeremy said...