Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jumbled Thoughts

I've been skipping the mundane here's-what-happened-this-week posts for a couple of weeks. I know they're not interesting for anyone else, but I've found that when I look back to see what was going on five years ago, they're the posts that are most interesting to me. So you're stuck with ' no particular order, mostly in the category "thankfulness":
  • The Vandersluys family came over here a couple of weeks ago for dinner, and then hosted us last week. They've got the same sequence of kids as us, with the girls close in age and the two boys' birthdays within a week or two...and although combining six kids is chaos, it seems to work great.
  • I've been going into the office in Kelowna on Thursdays, and the highlight is going for Thai lunches with friends -- caught up with long-lost pal Craig, and hung out with Jim this week.
  • After having my most fun hockey game in years last week, I didn't play at all this week, despite trying (and failing) to join the Culls with Myron on Tuesday.
  • My folks were in Cuba this week. Not that we usually see them more often than once a week, but it'll be nice to have them back home again.
  • We went for fish 'n chips Friday night, then bowling with the family. Ezra was a wrecking crew, Ivy struggled with the concept of not winning everything she tries, and Tannis bowled as badly as she ever had before...but we had fun anyway.
  • The Duecks have been busy for weeks -- Myron's only happy if he has massive projects underway at all times, especially on weekends. No, this is not in the thankfulness category. On that note, I missed the Hildebrands this weekend -- I made an outrageous peach-cherry crisp and had nobody to share it with. Sigh.

  • The skating loop has been a source of joy and exercise in bit of a gloomy winter. It was a lot of work, but has paid off recently with lots of fun use. More photos of the girls in action: Ella happy and blurred, and Ivy's speed. Ivy hosted two friends for skating visits this week too, which was great -- Megan on Tuesday and Olivia today.
  • Swimming with the girls has been fun, so we've been going to the pool once or twice a week in addition to regular library visits. Even met Liz and Richard and their kids there yesterday, which was a treat.
  • After chasing horses on Saturday, I still had some time to kill, so I had lunch at the Bench and wandered around the art gallery. Dreamy.
  • Work is blah. I need to get my shit together.
  • Music has been good, as I'm listening to a wider range of stuff than ever. The first ten bands in my four-stars-most-recently-added playlist: Doves, Fanfarlo, Mastodon, Jacaszek, Efterklang, Lisa Hannigan, Marissa Nadler, Bell Orchestre, and Castanets. I hadn't heard of any of it two weeks ago, which pleases me somehow.

  • The new violin has been delayed and won't make it for my birthday. The poor thing is cold and lonely and quiet, stuck in transit somewhere in (or over) the prairies. Hopefully later this week we'll get acquainted. Meanwhile I start lessons tomorrow with my old-faithful rental.
  • We still haven't made it to Vancouver. Ugh.
  • Ezra is a serious piece of work.
  • Ella's skating is unreal...she improved by leaps and bounds in January.


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