Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wild Horses Dragged Me Away

I've been admiring the photos of my flickr friend suertudo (otherwise known as Tom) for a few years already. He's got a great eye for beauty and consistently takes incredible photographs. Earlier in the week, I had been asking him about his recent set of shots of the wild horses back behind his place and he offered to take me out this morning. Gorgeous warm sunshine, open spaces, photogeekery, meeting an old (online) friend in person for the first time, and wild horses. How could I refuse?

And it was great. He's been trying a new style, holding the camera (not tripod) for long exposures when the horses are in motion, and he showed me how it worked. If done "right", the horses are in decent focus, and the backgrounds get totally washed out by blur. Sometimes it works even when the horses are out of focus -- I was really happy with this one because it's so abstract -- the horses are barely recognizable, but it has a neat style like an expressionist painting. They're a fine subject for a regular shot too, but it was fun to push the limits a bit.

I took a gazillion, and most were duds, but I put some up in my horse set (slideshow here). Fun experience to meet Tom, and great for me to take photos of something other than kids and ice.


Chris said...

You know who does this really well?

This guy.

Jeremy said...

It's great. I hadn't seen his stuff before -- is it someone you know, or just stumbled across online?

Chris said...

Stumbled across him years ago. Takes the best photos of my home town and gets great moving traffic shots...

And I tried my hand at the technique when we were in San Francisco this summer:

Jeremy said...

Too cool; thanks for sharing. I see he has the wide-angle lens I've been coveting...and the courage to shoot at 1/3rd of a second shutter speeds!