Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Pearl had a Facebook update today about missing her grandchildren -- reminded me to get busy. As I went through Ezra's Flickr set, it made me realize that I need to take some pictures of him shrieking "NOOOOOOOOO!" and hammering on the bathroom door screaming "MAAAAAAMMMMAAAAA!" repeatedly.

Actually video would be even better to record this nasty stage for posterity. The current photos are all happy and glowy, showing him enthusiastic, playing and exploring. And those are legitimate moments I've captured; they just seem to be few and far between these days.

He's also making us laugh a lot, and we marvel at him picking up new words every day and busting them out like a pro. He's loving getting outside, which makes us realize that he's got even worse cabin fever than the rest of us. We're remembering that Ivy was very similar at 18-19 months -- hitting the terrible twos early -- and she seemed to get through the stage pretty quickly, so here's hoping for a repeat. Anyway, a couple of photos:






Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jer. It helps somewhat, but you can't discourage me with that nasty stage stuff! We love all the postings. Pearl

Jeremy said...

I realize that photos can have the opposite effect too, making you miss them more. Time to plan a spring trip out this way!

Cloudscome said...