Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One Skates, One Reads

Well, actually they both skate a lot, but I thought this photo was hilarious. Ivy reads a few novels a week and will occasionally refuse to put them down, even if her ogre parents force her outside. As an aside, one of my Flickr friends noticed the amazing playhouse in this photo and made a semi-formal request for Larry to build him one this summer. Also, the rain and +10 this week has pretty much destroyed our beloved skating loop, but we were pretty happy to get a couple of months of use out of it.

If Ezra got his own post, his sisters should too, right? My recent fixation on ice photos has meant they have not had cameras pointed at them as much lately, but there are still a few. Ella snuck into this one while skating the loop with her Grandpa and Grandma Hiebert. Tannis got one of her hanging out with me, and she's also been getting out on her bike a few times since the weather got friendlier.

Ivy's been riding a bit too. I took them down to Peach Orchard Beach before supper yesterday and they did a few laps along the path that connects it to Rotary Beach (but didn't take any cameras). Both girls were in their glory this past weekend as the Baker boys came up to join us for a couple of days. They set up a clubhouse with Sam in our chaotic and dysfunctional basement that somehow absorbed them for at least six hours. They all had Tamagotchi fever too. A couple more photos:



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