Monday, March 30, 2009


Mom tipped me off to a performance she enjoyed on the Junos show last night -- Bryan Adams and Kathleen Edwards (video instructions: endure the ad, then drag the slider to 3:15 for the song).

I still have a soft spot for Bryan Adams despite his perceived late-career descent. I still think of him as sort of Canada's Bruce Springsteen from those olden days when I saw him play Run to You at my first ever rock concert in 1985ish (credit to my dad for making that happen, and Corey Hart at the Winnipeg Arena around then too!). Those pop hooks, the gravelly voice, the white t-shirt! To a 12-year-old on the prairies, that was big-time stuff. Anyway, this Juno thing was a simple pop duet, but it grabbed me in that goosebumpy way that I have to pay attention to.

The performance itself is wonderful -- the two of them are so obviously enjoying themselves. Really, it was Kathleen Edwards I was most impressed with -- she's a total babe, plays the violin like a dream, and just nails it with her voice. This is not cool indie-cred stuff at all...just a good song, well-sung. It sent me looking for more of her music, and I stumbled across this gem of a lyric (among many other bits of goodies) that had me thinking warm fuzzies about my lovely wife:
I sure as shit do love you
And I cuss because I mean it
And for that in my heart I am hopeful
And these words that I chose
I was so careful


BobbyRisigliano said...

Good Vid. Not gonna lie to ya Jer. Saw here @ Sasquatch last year and left after 3 songs. BORING. Maybe it was the wrong venue at a bad time.

Tannis said...


Jeremy said...

I wonder if Sasquatch would be a tough venue for her? I can't really appreciate the country flavour in many of her songs, but I found a few I really liked...mostly mellow stuff that wouldn't translate into a good festival experience.