Monday, March 23, 2009

Big City Bound

A couple of weeks ago we had no social plans for this week(end), but suddenly Ryan and Heather were here late last week, and then on Saturday we all found ourselves at The Sylvia in Vancouver for a couple of nights. As someone who hates planning, that's my kind of fun.

Friday night we had our best visit with the Pletts -- my mom and dad came and watched all the kids (including handsome Mr. James), freeing us up for a very nice supper at The Cellar Door. Adult conversation without interruptions! In the morning we had pancakes and coffee at our place, and by 11am we were all on our way to the coast.

We took the #3 route and stopped at Bromley Rock. My family tried to be patient as I attempted to photograph the last bits of ice along the Similkameen River. A few passable shots: ghostly reflection, icicles under an ice shelf, junctions and cracks.

No luck at Sanderson's in Keremeos where we could have used some of their excellent curry -- closed for the winter, I guess. Ezra was angry and demanding, and tired of being stuck in his carseat forever, but Tannis and the girls kept him from going completely off the rails with snacks and songs. He eventually slept as we got into the city.

Our first stop was at Angelo and Esther's excellent new place near Commercial to see this little beauty and hang out with our dear old friends. We feasted happily -- yummy salads and Angelo's decadent gnocchi pesto, perfect beer and good bread. Their place is exactly right...felt like I had been there before because it was just so them. Shades of Corydon and Jervis and 1st Ave...

Breakfast at the Sylvia with the Pletts in the morning while the kids sort of ran amuck. Then they headed off to the aquarium while we met the Eidses for coffee and a walk in Stanley Park with the little ones -- including a springtime play session at an ocean view playground. Good times. Really how couldn't we all be happy in that kind of paradise on a perfect spring day in Vancouver?

I headed out for a quick photogeek walk around lunchtime and got some ok photos. Nothing too spectacular, but it was interesting to have different subject matter for a change. I took a series of fence/reflection abstracts: 1, 2, and 3...balconies, stairwells. Nice to bump into Barb on the seawall, on her way to meet Tannis at the hotel.

Bill and Sam joined us for the afternoon pilgrimage to the aquarium. It was jam-packed with people, hot and humid...and I was socialed-out. But we made the best of it, and the kids seemed to enjoy the usual marine-life goodness. Some smiles and laughs, as the girls adore hanging out with Sam. Bill and I preferred the cold beers back at the hotel later, I think. We brought in Greek food and tried to keep the kids from hurting each other.

So a good time was had by all, I hope. I was sorry not to get a chance to see Cass's little Luke, and of course four or five days would have been better. But we were long overdue for a Vancouver weekend, and I'm already looking forward to the next one (unplanned, as of yet).






Tannis said...

Good times. I'm bummed I didn't get to see Mark, but the 60 minutes of planning can't cover it all.

Kaili said...

Robin and I both LOVE that last picture of Ivy! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Breakfast at The Sylvia?? I'm so jealous. But happy you had a nice weekend there. How come we can't be spontaneous like that - and we don't even have three little kids! Good for you guys. A. Lucy

Jeremy said...

Tannis: Yes, would have been great to see Mark. Perhaps we can lure him over here in the next month or so.

Kaili:'s not technically very good (out of focus if you look close), but I love it too.

Aunt Lucy: I had forgotten that you guys liked the Sylvia too! I credit Tannis entirely for the spontaneous departure -- you realize later that it's not so hard to break out of the usual ruts.

Tannis said...

It is kind of you to refrain from using words like "impulsive" and "irrational", which could also apply.

For the record I was delighted to get out of town and it's also nice to be back.