Monday, April 06, 2009


Lost in the photos of dessicated weeds, water reflections, thorns and shadows, I still occasionally take pictures of people. Even people in my family. I'm thinking I'll ramp it up with these photos as the weather keeps getting better and we're hanging out in pretty places again. A few notes on the displayed photos, mostly below:
  • Ezra's whacked these days, getting alternately obsessed by balloons, snacks, bubles, shoes, going outside, and juice. He loudly demands these things hundreds of times a day, often reverting simply to screaming PLEASE repeatedly until one of us goes insane. I was glad to get a picture of him looking just a little bit deranged with a balloon also visible.
  • Ivy would read Harry Potter for 12 hours a day if we let her. Actually more likely 16 hours a day...but we don't.
  • Considering that Ella is likely the most photogenic and cooperative person in the family, it's weird that I have no recent photos of her...but I hadn't linked this one from our visit to Angelo and Esther's a couple of weeks ago.
  • It's so unfair that Tannis hardly ever shows up in these pages -- she's gorgeous, and that visual fact should be shared. We got to have a dreamy date on Sunday, thanks to my folks (yet again).
  • Ivy busted out the violin for Grandma H. on the weekend. We played through our duets too.
  • And no, there are no recent photos of me. I should have gotten Jason to fire off a few shots when we met for coffee last week -- he seems to be my official portraitist.





Heather said...

I AM a people-picture person, and even so, I still have only one shot of you from our trip out there. Pitiful. I'll make a point this summer to catch you in action. Oh, and the photo I do have is a very dark, side profile shot of all the guys in the kitchen at Myron's.

Angella said...

You have a ridiculously gorgeous family :)

Jeremy said...

Heather, I'm not particularly photogenic, so nobody thinks of grabbing the camera when I shuffle through a scene. But yes, maybe you can capture my elusive portrait this summer.

And thanks, Angella. Ridiculously must be your word of the week! I overuse it myself...but do like it when it's used in a thankful way like you've been doing.