Thursday, April 16, 2009

Help, Please

I'm designing this book of my best ice photos on Blurb and it's been pretty fun. I've come to a difficult spot, though. I know that I want a simple, stark background for the photos, and every colour I've tried looks awful. So it's going to be white (upper photo) or black (lower photo) -- please help me choose, in an e-mail or comment here.

Black tends to make a better background for photos, making the whites and colours in the pictures really jump out...but in this case I also like the stark beauty of plain white, as it evokes winter snow and seems less pretentious somehow. Yes, the whole project is pretentious, but still. I like them both. Over to you, loyal readers -- what say you?

Update: Thanks for all the was fast and nearly unanimous, both here and on Facebook. One thing I played with this morning was a mix of both, like black for the cover and white everywhere else (which worked), and also the possibility of hybrid pages. Not that I expect anyone to change their "vote" or cast another, but I thought it looked pretty decent:


Nikki and Shane said...

Although I prefer the black I am going to choose white.

1. Because of the theme of winter


2. Because I think the black pages might have a tendancy to get a "smudged" look on them as the oils from your skin touch them.

So in the end I think the white product will have a cleaner, crisper look with longevity.

Michelle said...

I like the white background. I think the photos stand out better with it.

Gwen said...

I too prefer the white background.

I think the white tends to focus your attention on the photos. The black background seems to want to pull my eye to it.

Marj said...


Anonymous said...

I was basically going to entirely echo Nikki and Shane's response.

Andrew said...

White background, definitely.

Jeremy said...

Thank you all for your help (and keep 'em coming if there are others who want to chime in). I also updated the post with the possibility of a hybrid...using black selectively on some pages, or alternating. But it sounds like white might be right.

Nikki and Shane said...

My vote? No hybrid. Too buys for my eye - at least when it's on the same spread. If you were to do one spread (meaning both pages side by side in white and then turn the page to the next spread where both pages side by side are on black, I think that could be cool).

I'm torn on the cover. I think if you go with a dust jacket it should be white with black writing for your title. The dust jackets have a kind of gloss to them and I think that would be a great depiction of the ice. HOWEVER, if you go all black (with white writing, of course) then I think you should forego the dust jacket and go with a hardcover imagewrap as I believe it is a matte finish and I think black would do better in matte because again, then you avoid finger prints which I think would be especially bothersome on a reading book - kind of expected either way on a cookbook like I did, but I think you'd be disappointed with it as a coffee table book. If you want to see a finished product of an image wrap check out my friend Kal's blog and go down a half dozen posts or so and check out the baby book she published.

In my head I don't see a picture on your cover either, not that you asked, but I just think of ice as being solitary and quiet and I think adding a picture would be like adding noise to a silent read. Just my 2 cents, of course. Can you tell I've been thinking about this? I'm super excited to see the finished product!

Ang said...