Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friesen Clan (and Kid Pics)

Tannis's folks are out for a week, and her bro Mark is up from Vancouver for the weekend. My tolerance for a busy social scene is quite low, but it's very nice having them here -- I've learned that I just need to get some time alone every day, and preferably some exercise. They love spending time with the kids and we all get caught up on what's going on. Fun to share meals and laughs.

Apparently I'm back into the repetitive portraits of the kids. Yes, we all know what they look like already, but for some reason this is fun for me. Anyway Ezra's fixated on balloons, hanging out, exploring, goofing around and hurting himself frequently. Ella has been her usual happy self most of the time, but has seemed a bit edgy the last couple of weeks. Enigma Ivy had a breakthrough on the fiddle this week, beaming with pride after her first Fiddlekidz session.





Angella said...

You guys make some seriously beautiful children. Woah.

Matthew is the same as you when we have company...he'll usually just go outside and start puttering...

Jeremy said...

I prefer using the past-tense "made", as that door is closed now...or at least it better be.

I'm not really antisocial, but my social tolerance maxes out at a few hours in a day, and no more than about two days in a row; even if I really like the people visiting. So yes, I can relate to Matthew's strategy.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Love the enigma photo. My oldest is also a mystery wrapped up in an enigma wrapped up in a puzzle, or, er, however that goes.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Jules...I think you got it right enough. Interesting that our eldest daughters are the mysterious ones.