Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pop Cult Moments

I haven't been consuming much in the way of media lately, but a few bits worth mentioning:
  • An incredible "documentary" from the mid-90s called Baraka -- no plot or narrative, but absolutely captivating.
  • In the other direction film-wise, one of the first feature films I got from our library (which recently purchased an odd hodge-podge of them) was The Breakfast Club, which made me want to see everything Anthony Michael Hall ever appeared in. Loved it again...aged surprisingly well.

  • I've been picking away at a book called Ice: Beauty, Danger, History -- interesting stuff, related to my fascination with ice this winter and my current attempts to pull together my best ice photos into a sort of coffee-table book using Blurb.
  • Music-wise, I listen all day and find as much new stuff as I can. Standouts this week have been We Were Promised Jetpacks (the post-punk drive and melody of Tiny Little Voices has me entranced), ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead (not just because their band name is cool), and everything from Bell Orchestre -- their new album sounds amazing, but stuff like Throw it On a Fire from their last album is still in heavy rotation. Instrumental/classical/indie/soundtrack music.


The Squirrel Hunter said...

No one may ever see it, but a documentary about Anvil - that metal band from the 80's - recently got released, and has been getting a lot of decent reviews. Kind of an examination of continuing to do what you love in the face of total commercial failure, from what I understand. Everyone compares the show they play to one person, headbanging in a chair in front of the speakers, as a real life Spinal Tap moment.

If you ever manage to get out and see current flicks (what kids?), Adventureland is getting praise for recreating that John Hughes vibe of the teenage years, without the completely unrealistic Quentin Tarantino-ish dialogue found in Juno. Definitely one I'll try to remember to rent.

You just reminded me I own a 'Trail of the Dead CD. I should listen to that sometime. It might be good.

Jeremy said...

Bill sent me the trailer for that Anvil documentary a while back -- looks fantastic.

And I liked Juno, even with the unrealistically clever monologues. But it sounds like I might like Adventureland too...I'll likely see it five years after everyone else has forgotten about it.