Friday, April 24, 2009

It's a Boy!

Yes, I already have too many instruments and not enough time to play them, but I welcomed a new viola to the family this week. Silly title, but it's hard not to think of the violin as feminine and the viola as masculine -- it's that bigger, deeper sound, more like a male tenor voice than the female soprano of the violin.

After borrowing Liz's viola (and loving it), I kept my eye on eBay for a while, and there wasn't much middle-ground stuff -- either high-end prices (risky, and more than I'd spend) or low-end crap -- but when this one popped up a couple of weeks ago, I watched it very carefully. It's an Eastman entry-level outfit that goes new for about $500 plus shipping and taxes...I was glad to get it (in perfect condition) for half of that. Not much of a risk at that price, and not difficult to re-sell if necessary. Similar to my violin, it's handmade in China, but not quite as nice.

Somewhere in there I got it in my head that I should also peek at some kick-ass violas from Fiddleheads, made by the same workshop that my violin was from. Rhiannon had a great sale on, and she is very convincing, so I was pretty much ready to trade in my beloved Sun (along with a big wad of cash) for a new viola. But since I'm a beginner violinist who only borrowed a viola for a few weeks, I figured I should probably take a more conservative path and put in a bid on the eBay one. When I won the auction, I was just a bit disappointed, because I knew that it would probably mean putting off the all-or-nothing purchase of the amazing viola. On the other hand, I was glad to be keeping my violin -- I've grown quite attached to it in these few months.

It turns out that this is a decent viola. Not fancy by any means, but pretty enough and it's got enough of that viola sound I fell in love with. I was a bit spoiled by Liz's, but this one should be ok for now. Maybe I'll post another video when we get better acquainted.



Jules at 7-Imp said...

Beautiful! Yes, post a video!...

Jeremy said...

I'll have to figure out how to play it first!